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Is fatigue normal following a severe staph infection?

Hello everyone,

I was hospitalized for 5 days with a severe staph infection and discharged 10/28 with a PICC line to receive antibiotics for another 10 days.  There were suspicions of sepsis due to my symptoms upon admittance, but fortunately, the infection never spread to my bloodstream.  It did however take 4 days to really respond to the antibiotics.  In any case, the PICC line was removed last Monday.  I figured some tiredness was to be expected, but here I am a week later and still completely exhausted and I get tired easily.  I should note I am a single mom to 2 kids, one a 3 year old with special needs, so I really havent gotten a full day of rest since I got home from the hospital, but this seems excessive.  Is this level of exhaustion on par for the severity of the infection I had?  Thanks in advance for anyone who responds.
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Hi, I think it is normal as your body is fighting off the infection as long as you are still on antibiotics and your immune system is probably still activated. But, keep an eye on your temperature for sure, also the site of infection and where the PICC line was. If anything looks red, hot or hurts etc. then see the doctor. Try to see if anyone can come over to give you a break to take a nap too.
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