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Is look like ringworm?


I noticed some spot on my body, also with little pimple on scalp, it sound like ringworm but the spot doesn't look like the one on google as example when searching for ringworm and i dont have any itching at all.
What your taught?
Does it look like ringworm to you?

i'm also curious of if it can be candida infection since i have alot of bloating in the last month, and i already had IBD (chron) diagnosticed 10 years ago, which kind of disapear by itself (blood when toilet) but never happened again since 10 years,  and also not eating the healthiest food... but not overweight, im slim guys.

Thanks alot
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[img]https: /images/upload-sm/1380247-637584825075011725.jpg[/img]
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Sorry for all these post, i cant add image so these are links to image.

Do you still have it? I can't open the links. Can you go to your home page and post the images? Ring worm doesn't usually itch.  It is a kind of round or oval reddish or red brown spot on your skin.
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