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Is medastinal lymphadenopathy a cause of worry

Recently my 53 years old mother suffered from acute febrile illness for two weeks.After  week in hospital she was diagnosed with polyserositis  medastinal lymphadenopathy sever deficiency anemia with SCRUB TYPHUS positive
In all these investigations what stood out was her high serum ferritin level above 1500 and that she has secondary hypothyroidism.Even though doctors are saying that enlarged lymph nodes are sub centimeter I am really worried if it requires any further investigation.
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It can be a problem to have swollen lymph nodes in the wrong places but the lymph nodes do have to be large, as the doctor said, to be worrisome. When was she exposed to Typhus? Was this recent or a past infection. The doctors should look into the anemia. Has she had her Iron test done or B12? those would be a good start. Also the RDW is usually run with a CBC (Complete blood count) if that is in range it is normal. But it sounds like she does have some kind of anemia with her ferritin that high. Also the CBC is important to see if her white blood cells are very high like 20,000 instead of under 10,000.
Hope this helps.

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