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Itchy skin

Hi there, can someone please help me.
My problem is my skins feels very itchy and my ears now feel numb like there blocked up. It started with this itchy feeling around the tip of my penis and then this has moved to all over my body. Over the last few days the penis itch is not that bad but the rest of my body feels worst as if i've been working with fiberglass, its really bad on my hands, feet and face. I also started to feel a numbness in my ears and the back of my neck. My hands/feet are very shinny and look as if theres red dots under the skin. My veins also seen to be sticking out more than before. When I goto bed at night it doesnt seen to be there and even when i wake up its ok. its only come back as the day goes on. I've had a HIV test and this was Neg. I travel all over the world so I'm also thinking it could be something I eaten or something bite me. I'm thinking of going to my doc if it doesnt get better. Can anybody help, please.
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I forgot to mention. I was told that one tree oil was god for itchy skin and I used it in my bath, twice. after the firdt one nothing happened, but when i took the second one that when my skin started to get worst. could this be the problem?????????
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I only ask this because i recently figured out what an issue that i was having had come from. Did you recently change soaps or body washes? From the sounds of it, you are ok when you go to bed, and when you wake up in the morning. You could be taking a shower to wash figuring that the warm water and soap will wash whatever it is away. The thing is, if you recently changed soaps and that soap is high in fragrance or has some ingredient in it that you normally dont use, you could be alergic. The tree oil can work on some people but not on all. If you are using something that has some amount of oil in it, it could clog up your pores and keep whatever is under the skin under the skin and there for not allow it to breath. Try going back to whatever soap you may have used before and see if that works. It may be a simple as that. I know it was that simple for me.

Good Luck
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