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Joint Pain as a reaction to TB test

I have a host of medical problems - most significant are bilateral hip arthroplasty, knee trauma (ligaments and meniscus), a recently broken femur, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, and a chronic infection in my body that started with my first hip replacement 20 years ago. I take daily oral anitbiotics (Doryx/doxycycline) and have IV antibiotics once or twice a year when it gets out of control. I recently had a TB test and I started having severe pain in my joints and arm. I am also feeling more fatigued than usual. My arm is aching so bad, and my femur was crushed a year ago and is still healing (poorly) and it is also aching incredibly. Nothing else has changed except the TB test. I haven't changed any of my meds in the last 2 weeks since I got the test. Can a person have a bad reaction to a TB test (they said the test was negative)? My immune system is a wreck, most drugs, especially antibiotics and morphine, cause me to have severe reactions. Could the tuberculosis test have caused a strain on my immune system and that is causing so much aching?

Thank you for your help.
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Dear terilynne,

It is highly unlikely that the TB test has caused such a reaction. I recommend you visiting a doctor as soon as possible and inquiring about the aches which you feel.

Regards, John.
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I have basically no medical issues other than seasonal allergies. I had a negative TB test two weeks ago and began having severe joint pain all over my body less than 24 hours later after it was injected that continued for about 10 days. I have had previous tests done with no side effects. I called my doctor as well as the clinic where I had it done, and both said it was more than likely unrelated. However, when I started researching a little, I read about other people experiencing the same symptoms, which makes me wonder if there are rare and undocumented side effects.
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I too had a TB  test 3 days ago and have a really painfull arm now and feel very fatigued and irritable. I don't think the medical health service ever like to acknowledge or admit to side effects caused by vaccines or tests.  
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i just had my tb test done today and within an hour of getting the test my entire arm ached especially at the joints also the arm was noticeabley weaker. i called the doctor and they pronounced it as being "all in my head" and said that if it was still there when i returned to have it read they would take some x-rays to see what was going on in the joints. i'm glad to hear that its not just me and thus not all "in my head" thanks.
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I got the test done as well, but it was only my hip and my left leg that hurt
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I am having joint pain, too.  Does it go away?
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