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bronchoscopy final diagnoses " predominantly necrotic and inflamatory debris with blood. reactive and degenerating bronchial epithelial cells with pulmonary macrophages present, WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
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Hi there,
A clinical correlation of test results is very important for arriving at any diagnosis. The bronchoscopic findings shared by you can be  seen in any allergic, inflammatory or malignant condition. The common causes could be bacterial like tuberculosis,pyogenic pneumonias, viral, fungal infections. Few other possibilities are abscess formation, necrotizing granulomas, or eosinophilia etc.It is important to discuss these test results with your pulmonologist since he knows your medical history best. Only after a detailed clinical evaluation the cause can be determined. Hope it really helps. Do keep us posted.
Take care and regards!
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Thanks for your quick response. I have been battling with MAC and bronchiectasis for about 8 years. Do those finding indicate condition is getting worse?
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