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Lyme Disease?

I think I might have it on my leg, I've had it for some time but I thought of it as nothing. It's a large circle about 2 inches across. I had no symptoms though-out having this on my leg, but it grew a little bigger over the long period of time. It doesn't itch or anything.

I want to get it checked up but I don't have health insurance and I think if it's nothing it will anger my parents.
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Maybe I could post a picture and you could tell me if it's something?
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yeah please post a pic for me the bite usually looks like a bullseye in later stages nausea and other things send me a pic and il tell ya 4 sure.
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Is there a clearing in the rash?  The classic "bull's eye" rash associated with Lyme disease, called an  Erythema Migrans rash, is usually red concentric rings separated by clear rings.

However, Lyme disease can cause many other kinds of rashes, and not all EM rashes have clearings.

Do you recall a tick bite, or did you just notice the rash?  Have you been in situations where your risk of tick exposure was high?

Lyme disease is readily treatable if diagnosed early.  If you have it and let it go, it can cause serious systemic problems down the road, affecting not only the skin on your leg but also your joints, nervous system, and heart.  
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No bulls-eye, and it's not itchy, and no tick bites.
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It's been awhile since your original post.  Do you still have the rash?  Do you have any other symptoms?
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Still the rash, it hasn't grown though, and no symptoms what so ever.
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It's still there and still the same.
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