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Mebendazole Mechanism

Question:  What else besides parasites has a reaction to Mebendazole (aka Vermox)?
I'm a 28-year-old female who was an athlete before I started getting all kinds of muscle, bone, and tendon pains & weakness.  I then developed a slue of other disabling symptoms before I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.  I started reading more about Fibromyalgia/CFS at the advice of my pain doctor.  Every book/article I read about Fibromyalgia suggested to check for parasites, bacteria, fungi, and viruses prior to starting any treatment plan.  

In waiting for what was going to be a 2 month referral process to an infectious disease specialist, I took the advice of a friend who had taken Mebendazole to get rid of parasites.  I was able to purchase a single 500mg dose at a store and took it.  Within 4 hrs, I had amazing symptom relief that I haven't felt for months and years including being able to fully inflate my lungs, diminished back/neck/joint pain & stiffness, normal vision, no more swollen lymph nodes, no more pain/ringing in my ears, no more TMJ or headaches, no more coughing up mucus, no more post nasal drip, and more. After a few days, the symptoms gradually came back.

When meeting with my ID doc, I explained what had happened after taking the Mebendazole.  She was very quick to tell me she didn't think I had a parasitic infection and that even though I had many symptoms of a parasite infection, she had no clinical reason to test for any.  My doctor didn't have an answer for what else would react to Mebendazole if not a parasite.  She reluctantly tested me for Strongyloides and Trichinella with negative results and has refused to prescribe me Mebendazole.

Since then, I went back to the store to purchase the last 2 doses (1 - 500mg tablet, and 100mg/2xs/day suspension) they had in stock.
The same amazing positive results occured when taking each dose with the only difference being that the symptoms came back quicker after finishing the 100mg/2xs/day suspension.

My question is:  What else, if anything, besides parasites would have a reaction to Mebendazole?

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