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About 2 days ago I ate a sort of cold piece of KFC chicken then went out and ate a shish kabob, woke up with a bloated stomach and after fighting with myself for hours, I finally threw up, I fell asleep and when I woke up I was extremely nauseous and I couldn't even stand without losing my balance, I had diahrrea and gases for the whole day and my neck and lower back was hurting and it was giving me a headache, I didn't eat anything the whole day, just drank plenty of Gatorade and ate 1 Apple. Today I woke up feeling a lot better and less nauseous than yesterday, I can stand and walk around but now I have this horrible horrible pain where my neck ends and my shoulder starts, and it hurts almost down to my hand on the right side. I woke up with the pain, can it be because I slept wrong? Or can it be associated with meningitis? I don't have any headaches or neck pains, just the shoulder pain now. No fever either. Just this shoulder pain that doesn't go away, it feels worse depending on the position it's in.
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As we discussed. You are fine. Hope you recuperate soon.
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