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Mono/Sinus Infection?

Around December, I acquired a small amount of congestion in my nose that never seemed to go away. It was never anything that bothered me, so I never dealt with it. That is until it caused my to have trouble breathing at night around january, drying out my mouth every morning severely. I went to my doctors, who prescribed me medication with horrendous side effects, so I refused to take them and went the natural route. My homeopathic doctor prescribed me some natural pills, which really didnt work. Around this time (mid to late February), a cold entered my house. This is when the congestion seemed to get worse, I was getting headaches, and uncontrollable sneezing. Did the cold seem to play a vital role in making me get a sinus infection? As the days went on, the congestion got worse, and my taste/smell was being manipulated. I began to slowly lose those senses. My nose got so plugged up I couldnt breathe at all through it. Then, at the end of last week, I decided to book an appointment for an ENT(ear,nose,throat) doctor. As the days drew on, I began to feel weak, and more and more congested, leaving me with absoultely no sense of smell or taste. I also began having difficulty swallowing, it was very painful. I went to my ENT, and he checked my nose,ears,throat,neck,etc. I guess I have a bad sinus infection, and maybe even mono. He said my tonsils are severely swollen, aswell as my addnoids, and nasal passages. The back of my neck is filled with swollen lymph nodes fighting the infection and its very sore., and Im extremely weak. My throat is constantly on fire, and Im spitting up thick mucus. He gave me salin spray, and prednisone (10 mg) and Cefuroxime Axetil (500 mg) for all the swelling and to fight the infection. Has anyone had this before? Im just concerned that I will have difficulty fighting this!! Will I be okay?

(PS I tried all the natural remedies such as neti pot, spicy foods, apple cider vinegar for my sinus infection..nothing worked)

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