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Mucus problem

Dear sir,
           I m 26 years old now.I have a problem of mucus building in my throat, nose and lungs from my childhood. I do not know either it is any type of infection or what it is. When i was below 14, my nose was continiously running but i was not throwing any mucus. there was some mucus in my lungs.and i was feeling some sound produced from my chest when i breath. but after 14 years age it changed and now i feel that when i eat something it produces a lot of mucus after 30 minutes. My throat and lungs fill with thin mucus and i feel a cough attack to clear my lungs and throat. Now my nose is not running in such a way as it was before 14 years age. But ratio of mucus has increased. I think that there is a problem in my throat that it creates mucus and than mucus drops toward lungs and when lungs and throat both r filled, i need coughing to clear my chest. I m a good runner but now i think that this disease is creating problem for me. Doctors suggested me medicines but those all were to clear the mucus, not for stoping mucus production. plz suggest me the medicine and tell me what the actual problem is. The color of mucus is yellowish and thin.
                                                                                       Hameed Rehman
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