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My friend was diagnosed with pancreatitis....

So my friend has been out of the hospital for a month now after having been diagnosed with pancreatitis. I'm in another state than her. She has suffered from severe alcoholism for years. We actually quit hanging out several years ago b/c her drinking problem. But we've always stayed in touch every now and then. I just found out she was diagnosed with this and I am concerned. The town we come from is full of stupid doctors. This is no joke. We don't have the facilities, and expertise to do much in our home town. She says she's tried asking the doctors about some symptoms she's had since she left the hospital...blurred vision and no balance. She can barely walk, she said. It's hard for her just to hold a glass of water in her hands w/o spilling it. She gets muscle spasms. She said she'll be sitting there watching TV (she says she sits very close to the TV but it's still so blurry) and her arm will just raise up in a jolt and go back down. (Involuntary muscle spasms) I've completed 2 years of nursing pre-reqs, but haven't gone to nursing school, but I remember a lot. One, I can't believe she didn't call me right away to tell me all this was going on. I just found out a month later. Two, I feel kind of responsible b/c I knew she was an alcy and I didn't say a word even as I watched her shake uncotrollably throughout the day when I worked with her a little. She couldn't even fill out her paperwork when we started a job together. I had to do it she was shaking so bad. I should've said something then. But I know, she's gonna stop when she wants to, not when I tell her to. She's drank twice she said since she got out of the hospital. The second time landed her right back in the hospital b/c she felt like her stomach was being ripped out, literally. She's in a ton of pain abdominally. I've done a little bit of research. We're concerned about her vision and equilibrium. What is going on there? Why can't she see? She can't even see who's calling her on her cell phone! I'm going to see her on Sunday (Sept. 20), what can I do for her? What can I tell her about her vision and dizziness? She said it looks like she's walking through doors, but they end up being closed ones or walls b/c she's so confused. She's only taking Ativan. She can't afford more Ultram, Capdex??(is that the name of it?) That's how she pronounced it. I'm scared and she's terrified.
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