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My story + questions scary wierd symptoms

Hello everyone. I would like to tell you my story, and ask a few questions if you don't mind. I am a straight 31 year old male. Last year (July 2010), my wife and I of 11 years, momemtarily split up and I was talking to a friend of mine from my past when we were kids. she came from kentucky to see me, she too had been married for a while 7 years, was still with her husband, and has 2 kids... at the time one was just turning 7 and one was 12. long story short, we had unprotected sex(the whole way) the night of july 16th 2010. we had sex again on july 21st 2010 and again in mid august(not sure of the exact date). I wound up coming back to my wife. My wife was the only person i had ever had sex with before this fling i had, and to this date, and hopefully forever, they are the only 2 sexual experiences i have had. Me and my wife had sex numerous times(alot) since I had been back. In late december 2010, my heart started doing wierd things, like it was pounding out of my chest.. it didnt do it alot, but enough for me to notice something was not right.. I took an aspirin and it went away.After christmas, toward january 1st, i started having some sort of discharge and it looked to me like one of my testicles was bigger and that it was hanging lower then the other. at first i wasnt paying attention to it as stupid ebay had a deal going for free listings until january 7th. So all i did was list list list from the time i got up til i went to bed, as i was out of work and it was our only form of income. I didnt shower everyday like i normally do. after that week was up I took a shower and thats when i noticed a white pus substance on my scrodom and the testicle issue. It smelled kind of like ammonia. I started peeing a little more frequently as well, not crazy every 10 minutes, but for the first time in my life, i was getting up at night to pee. My wife mentioned she too had a pus substance along with a little bit of blood when she wiped after urinating and it was burning like hell... mine to this day does not burn. We looked up swollen testicle on the internet and everything popped up about stds and we both freaked out. Around January 10th, my kidneys were killing me, like burning very painful, lasted a few hours, i iced it and finally spelt, it went away. That is the only time that happened. The next day me neck felt like something swelled and thats when i freaked out. it was tight and stiff and still is to this day. it was an instantanious thing, i was awake about 10 minutes and just sitting at my computer and my neck just went nuts suddenly. My stomach got really tight as well. I couldnt sleep on my sides, too painful for a couple night like my sides were caving in when i laid on my side. I felt like something was running through me that shouldnt be, starting noticing veins in my wrist i hadent seen before, and my muscles and joints were aching. My wife was having very severe abdominal pains, I know it was severe cause she is good with pain and it was killing her. I said ok im gonna go get tested. I went to www.rapidscreenings.com and paid 359.00 to be tested on January 21st 2011. I got tested for hepatitas b, hepatitas c, herpes 1, herpes 2, hiv-1, hiv-2, gonnarhea, clymidia and syphillis. All tests were negative. I was like yesssssss!! whew... my neck was actually easing up, then a few days after testing, it went wild again. My weight(I have been same weight since i was 16) started flucuating. i usually weigh 155, it stayed 155 for a ahile(i weigh myself everyday now), but then it was 158, 160, back to 157, 162, back to 156. this is all daily.I got my job back as a mailman and i walk like 10 miles a day. this weight thing makes no sense to me. I then got a rash on the center of my chest, then above my left nipple(a small one) then a big on above and around my right nipple and a few small ones below. I was having night sweats and have been for some time off and on. the head of penis was swelled bit(i think) and the tip just before the head is a different color then the rest of it now. its a lighter color. My wife and I both have been getting small brown spots like moles, and i have been geting acne in places i shouldnt be. 1 on my chest, foot, arms, and now legs and knee caps, also on my neck. My nails, especially on my feet look like they have a fungas, there was a greenish brown spot under my big nail which is now on a few nails, as well as on the other foot now as well. The discharge stopped a while back and turned into being incontinent(inability to hold urine) usually within 10 minutes of peeing, more would come out and I couldnt stop it, nor did i know it was coming. That has stopped now as well. Me and my wife have also been passing ALOT like a ton of gas aka farting alot. That has not stopped. My armpits have also been bothering me and i have what seems to be sweat bumps under them. My chest, armpits and shoulders burn from time to time. I got bit by a dog at work, and doc gave me a tetanis shot... mistake! I sweat out like 3 gallons of water that  night and lost 5 pounds. I gained that weight back the next day, go figure. I also had them check for swollen nodes. They checked my neck, armpits, groin and abdomin.they said nothing was there. But the lump on the back of head,they said was possibly a swollen node. It is the size of half a golfball. not sure if i had a fever, cause now that im checking, its perfect. Also my blood pressure was 120 over 76, perfect. In the begginning of all this when i thought something was running through me, i felt hot, but wife said I didnt have a fever. when I touched my kidney area on my abdomin, it was on fire, moreso then other parts of mybody. Now, recently i have a bump just below my jaw bone in the back under my ear, under the skin, about the size of a pea. dont really have fatigue now, i work long hours and feel fine. in the beginning, i didnt wanna do anything from the time i got up to the time i went to sleep.But i think that was depression. Niether me or my wife, had a sore throat, runny nose, chest infection or anything like that. I started out with discharge and heart issues. My left calf muscle also has a golfball sticking out when i flex, has been since the neck issue in january. my abdomin/groin muscle that looks like a vein has been hurting as well as muscles in my neck etc. also my armpits burn and hurt like i am stretching a muscle when i reach up, and they usually only bother me when my arms are down against my body. Also a couple months back, i noticed my tounge, was yellow coated, and now it is a yellow brown coating on the top of it. I went to the dentist, he gave me amoxicillian, and it didnt help at all. Could this be Hiv? If not, does anyone have any ideas what it could be? maybe an internal yeast infection?? Srry for such a long question, and thanks so much for reading it and for any advice you can give me.
I have several questions so i can hopefully put my mind at ease.
1.)can hiv start out as rapid heartbeat and discharge?
2.)would hiv cause excessive passing of gas?
3.)would hiv start causing oprotunistic infections such as urinary tract infections, yeast infections, oral thrush etc, after only having it 5-6 months?
4.)does hiv effect the eyes after only having it 5-6months?
5.)does it cause acne in rare places, like top of foot, knee caps, neck, chest and arms after only having it for roughly 10 months?
6.)would it cause nail fungus infections of the feet this soon?
7.)does it cause your sweat to swell really bad, even after just getting out of the shower?
8.)are there any other std's that could cause this that I did not already get tested for?
9.)if this is not hiv, or any other std, is there another forum i could post this in?
10.)any ideas what this could be since i tested negative for all those stds 5 1/2 to 6 months after being at risk?

Thanks so much for any help and for helping me ease my stress, i really apreciate it.
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Mycoplasma Fermentans_incognitus or mycoplasma Genitalium.  Search www.immed.org and look under infectious diseases.  This will not show up on any standard medical test.
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Hey ewford and thanks for the response. I did some research on lyme diesease and the 2 you mentioned in your previous answer. I have some questions. I was in kentucky, living with this girl... there were mice/rats in the house, which i attempted to get rid of while i was there to no avail. Is lyme more common in kentucky then in other places? Could i have gotton it from a rat/mouse(they says its how ticks get it)? Since I tested negative to all those stds and hiv, i am sure it has to be an infection that can impair my immune system. I have read that lyme suppresses your immune system... does mycoplasma genitalium suppress your immune system? I ask because I am almost positive i have a severe yeast infection (oral thrush, fungus on toe nails etc) My problem is, as healthy as I have always been... my immune system would have to be suppressed for me to get the yeast infection. I did the spit test.. i know its controversial, but my spit started sinking quickly.. I didnt have to wait 30 mins, 15 mins, 5 minutes, it started sinking within the first minute or 2 and looked like tenticles. Also, can lyme be transmitted sexually? my wife is having symptoms too... but mine are more severe... she doesnt have the muscle and joint pain, but i do..and from what i read about lyme... usually only men get the muscle and joint pain. other then that we had the same symptoms brown spotting, dicharge which has sense gone away etc, and they started at the same time which makes no sense to me considering i would have been infected about a month and a half before her, no matter what it is. Thank you for responding and thank you for the links.. genitalium is a good possibility if it can suppress the immune system.
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update... fungus on feet has gotton worse. middle toenail is coming completely off on left foot, and looks like the same is gonna happen to middle toe on right foot. :o(
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I had all your symptoms.  Yes, doctors that treat Lyme are finding the bacteria in all human body fluids once infected.  vaginal and semen.  contact ILADS (www.ilads.org) to find a DR near you who can properly diagnose and treat this.  No standard medical doctor is gonna figure this out, trust me.  You are going to need specialized testing for Lymes through IGENEX labs, contact IMMED  (www.immed.org) to find out where to get specialized mycoplasma testing done for Mycoplasma Fermentans-Incognitus/ Mycoplasma Genitalium.
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BTW, post your initial post on the STD forumn and watch the moderators say this is not an STD.  There have been numerous people there posting similial posts and the moderators say the same thing...."its in your head" or "this is not a STD".  Bullcrap.
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Thanks for the info. I will be looking for a doctor near me asap. Also to update you, i now have a different kind of rash on the underpart of my wrist(the side all the veins are on). The other rashes i had on my chest etc, are all flat and dont itch. this new one is like a pimply rash. Little tiny rashed pimple like bumps all in the same general area and they itch like crazy especially when i am sweating. Ill upload a photo if you want me to. They are a little harder to see when im not sweating, but whem im sweating you can REALLY see it. Anyways, im gonna post this on the std forum and see what they say.probably what you already said they would say lol
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