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Nasty Yeast

Tried Fluconazole, Monistat, Terazole for 5 days with only symptomatic relief but does not cure it.
Also my anus is Itchy aftre bowel movement which means its also in my colon.
Recently did a yeast culture test and stool test and susceptibility test but waiting for results and pretty sure it could be C.Glabrata since it is resistant to the Azoles.
Are Echinocandins used for to cure rectal yeast as well ans what is the rate of success?
Also ordered Boric acid suppositories to treat vaginal yeast infection, is it safe to use it rectally as well?
This is getting very very frustrating.

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I would wait for the sensitivity results and identification of the yeast. Even C. albicans can be resistant to the Azoles. Terbinifine (Lamisil) is a good alternative if it is C.albicans. Here is an article on Candida albicans for recurrant infection and treatment. You have to scroll down to find the treatment section. It does mention Boric acid treatment as a possibility but it can cause irritation.



The second study did show that boric acid suppositories did have a higher cure rate in diabetic patients. Are you diabetic?

Neither study mentions use of boric acid or antibiotics in the rectal area. I assume that if it is a cream such as terbinafine (Lamisil) is may be okay. I would address these issues with your doctor after you read them through. If you have any questions after that let me know.

The Echinocandins seem to create more resistance rather than help. So it is a short term fix then it recurs.

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I had a swab done two months ago and it came out negative for yeast despite burning and itching sensation and the fact that ever other STD and UTI were also ruled out to be negative.
If it was C.Albicans it would have been detected but Glabrata lacks Hydraphae so cant be detected unless culture is done. I am waiting to hear about the results desperately.
I am not diabetic either but this was definitely passed from someone since it all started Fed 1st week after I was with a guy.
I hope there is a treatment for it as I cant even eat normal foods that have bit of Carbs coz it just aggravates them. Even foods like Brown rice and lentils.
You are a great help here on this board. Please stay in touch..
I have great hopes from you.
Also the doc I am dealing with is a resident. Not saying she dsnt have any knowledge but she wasnt even aware of the different strains of yeast and this was suggested by me to run the culture.
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Let me know when you get the culture results back. Glad to help. It could also be bacterial vaginosis. Usually it is caused by pH in balance causing Gardnerella vaginalis or some particular other bacteria to predominate. These then can cause the symptoms you have as well. They can look for this on a smear plus some other lab tests.
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I was prescribed Flagyl500mg BID for 7 days but it only got worse so leaving me with the idea of having yeast.
But I will keep you posted.
Almost feel there is no end to this but I will have to live with this for the rest of my life.
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So it turns out that my Yeast results are -ve and no signs of BV either.
What is it then?  Its very itchy and as I mentioned before, its aggravated by foods that have sugar.
How could it be nothing but just in my head?

Please help me.

I have been denied an appointment with a new doc here because the senior Doc over ride it saying its in my head and its not. Its not legal for them to deny me health care rights.
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Hi and sorry you are going through this. Did they actually test you for BV or just give you Flaggyl? There are other bacteria that can cause BV and may not respond to Flaggyl. But also, could you have have an STD? Trichomonas can cause similar symptoms as well. Of course it isn't in your head. That is ridiculous. I don't know why it is triggered by sugary foods but that doesn't matter. If you have any money you can always go outside the system and tell them you don't have insurance and you want to pay cash. They usually give you a substantial discount. One question is do you douche? If so I wouldn't ever do it again. It offsets the normal vaginal bacterial flora. It doesn't matter what kind. Also, don't put soap up the vaginal canal it will irritate it and cause the same problem. It is self cleaning you can just wash the outer area.   A clinic can test you for Trich if you have had unprotected sex.  There is also a high rate of recurrence with BV and it is best to use a topical or oral probiotic with treatment. One study stated that once weekly topical (vagially) probiotic for 6 months prevented it from recurring. So, I'm not 100% sure it is not BV or that it was cured. I would like to know if they did a smear or other lab test to prove or disprove you had it.

Also, looking outside the box allergies to Chemicals such as perfumes and dyes in detergents, fabric softeners, creams, ointments, toilet paper and sprays may irritate the vagina or the skin around the vagina.

So, now the issue with sugar. Assuming it is a yeast that they didn't identify and sugar intake is aggravating it. Perhaps cut out all white sugar and sugar intake. You get enough in your regular diet. No sodas either.
It does sound like a yeast but it doesn't show up so far. They are easy to see and culture. Let me know what you think about what I have said and we can try to go forward from here.
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The very first test done in Feb pointed it could be BV but wasnt very confirmed(dont know if it makes sense but thats what I was told).
Therefore Flagyl was prescribed.
Also Trich is -ve and there is no discharge or odour.
I have money but we have only one clinic and hospital so I dont even have a choice. I can explain you the reason why I cant go anywhere else but cant do it on this forum. Could you please provide me your email address?
I do not douche at all and I do use soap to clean but dont use it up high but just around the area.
How can I use a topical probiotic? Are there creams available with them?
They send a swab from here to the lab so not sure what kind of lab work they d.o to find out if its BV.
I have also tried Cetirizine and Benadryl with no success and changed my laundry detergent to Hypoallergenic one with no success.
Also, sodas/juices or white sugar is not part of my diet at all. Only water with some lemon is what i drink.

PS: thanks for ur time and interest in helping me out. God bless you
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Well, since the test was indeterminate for BV you could try a vaginal probiotic suppository. Just Google those words and you will see a lot of products come up.  You can also take oral ones but I don't think they will work as well for that area. It is worth a try. You can message me on here. I don't give my home email out.
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I ordered one of the products from Amazon with good reviews, will keep you posted on my health.
Also thinking of trying some Hydrocortisone0.5%cream for some relief. What do u think?
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I would just try the probiotic for  a while. I wouldn't put any hydrocortisone in the vagina. The tissue is too sensitive and you may end up breaking out more. The face is like this too.
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Thanks a million.

Will take your suggestion and God willing everything will be alright..

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Is it possible to have BV go undiagnsed after a swab?

Since yeast is -ve, it gotta be some bacteria causing the itch.
Or is it possible to have some kind of virus that is causing only the itch and no other symptoms?
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