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Need an advice please

Hey guys, I am new to this forum so a brief introduction would be on order i guess. My name is Igor Pavlovic, I am 17 years old living in Netherlands (The Hague). Not sure if this is the right forum to pose this question but here goes :

Ok guys, I've suffered from an anxiety disorder for past three months. I was basically afraid of having an illness; cancer, hear attack etc. Now in this period i had quite a few panic attacks and i was generally feeling ****** both mentally and physically. Obviously I've been to several doctors in this period and all the results were good. Now in the past two weeks the anxiety is subsiding, I didn't have a panic attack for a week, but since yesterday i have this weird problem. After the dinner i started feeling nauseous and felt slight pressure in my chest + feeling cold. This lasted for several hours, I eventually went to sleep, when i woke up this morning i was feeling cold again. Today the nausea is coming and going, I feel kinda tired/drained and the feeling of being cold is as well present. Now my question is do you think that this is down to anxiety or perhaps a cold/flu or maybe something third ? As well I've got an tranquilizer (Tranxene) you think it would be safe to take it considering my current physical state ? Sorry for long post and thanks for your time :)
P.S Generally i felt ok during the day but now in the evening i am feeling ok for 10 min and then again nauseous and sick, had a good appetite today.
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