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Please help diagnose this unknown disease

My BIL presents with the following:

(Note: He is a forester and has exposure to pesticides, spiders, mold and trees.)

Pain started in the left inner thigh,
moved up and around abdomen and back.Level 10
Left leg tingling and hurts to touch lightly.
A syrinx in the spine
Lesions on the lower lumbar region on the spine.
High level of white blood cells in spinal tap fluid but cells look normal.
Dc. Just said it looked like transverse myelitis
But that does not tell us what the lesions are.
They are trying to avoid doing a biopsy due to the risk.
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Hello, and so sorry your brother is having so much pain. We are not doctors on here but I'll try to give you a little advice if possible. I am a microbiologist.

So, does he have a high fever? Did they do a culture or smear (slide) of the spinal fluid when they did the spinal tap? Do you see any bites from a spider or any sores? Did it come on all of a sudden?

Transverse myelitis could be MS.  Did he get an injury?
He should get an MRI to rule out MS.

But infections can cause this and immune disorders too. That is why you need to get to the root of the problem.


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