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Poor immune system?

Our daughter is 20 months old. She had two heart defects at birth and had a really rough start. We notice that she is frequently ill. In the last 10-12 months (ever since she stopped receiving Synagis) she has had croup 8x, she's had several sinus/upper respiratory infections, 3 or 4 ear infections, a throat infection, a couple 24 hour fevers, and now, just this past week, all in one week she developed: ear infection, oral thrush, a vaginal yeast infection, and then a viral rash. The virus then prompted a thrombocytopenia reaction (her platelets dropped). Thankfully they came back up on their own after a few days. Today's CBC and platelets came back normal.

Does this sound like a typical stuff for a toddler (she's in an in-home daycare with only 2 other children, two days a week)? Or does this sound like something that might need looked into?
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