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Possible HIV?

I had unprotected sex one-time with a former highschool sweetheart about two years ago. After about five months, I came done with a cold which lasted about a week and a severe case of hives on my back which would not go away until my doctor put me on steroids. Now, a year later I have developed chronic dirreah. Do I need to be tested for HIV?
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How are you? If sexual history is not known, HIV testing would indeed help in ruling out HIV infection. HIV Symptoms may vary from one person to another and are not definite in the diagnosis. These symptoms can occur within days or weeks of the initial exposure to the virus during a period called primary HIV infection. Many infections such as mononucleosis, viral hepatitis, other sexual transmitted infections,  viral hepatitis, and even stress and anxiety may present with the same symptoms such as HIV. It is best that you also check with your doctor for proper evaluation. Take care and best regards.
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Thank you for your comments.  My symtoms of a cold and itching hives, didn't show up until 5-months later.  The cold went away within a week but the hives persisted for months, until I was given steriods by my doctor.
I'll get tested at my doctor's office at my next visit in two weeks.
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