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Possible exposure!?!?!!? Help needed!!!!!!

Serious answers only please :) okay, so yesterday when I was at home, I noticed that my finger had what looked like to be dried blood on top of my finger nail. It wasn't red, but brown and speared. It didn't completely cover my finger but I noticed it when I had reached in my pants to adjust my pad. Now, I know this could have been my own blood, but would it have dried so fast. What if it was someone else's blood that has hep b or c (these diseases can still live in dried blood) and when I went to adjust my pad the blood touched the outside of my genitals? Am I at risk for Hep B or C or HIV? Please let me know if I should go to the hospital and get PEP administered. I'm FREAKING OUT. by the way this happened around 8pm last night.
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Hi, You don't have a risk if you are worried about putting your hands in your genital area. You would have to have it come in contact with the vaginal fluid and usually an open wound. So no you couldn't get Hep, C or HIV this way. So if you didn't have a cut on your hand you are fine. HIV dies quickly in dried blood too. Does this answer your question? You would have to have an open wound like a cut or the other was is to have sex with someone that had Hep, C,B or HIV. Since it was dried blood you can pretty much rule out HIV. Since you didn't have sex you can rule out Hepatitis.
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