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Possible rabies exposure nearly 3 years ago

I know this may seem like a ridiculous thing to ask but towards the end of 2017 I was moving a persons things from my home which included a cat. The cat seemed very calm, but had diarrhea very badly. At the time I did not suspect it to have rabies though. However it hated the cage it came in, I struggled to catch it and eventually did but was bitten pretty severely on my hand. It had left a few pretty deep holes, and scratches which bled pretty badly. I treated the wounds myself, probably not well enough but I did. The wounds healed but took a long time to, and eventually looked like black holes.
For the last couple years I’ve had symptoms like confusion, agitation that comes and goes, headaches, fever that comes and goes, weakness, this pressure in the back of my neck around the base of my head, back pain and paranoia.
I know I should have seen someone back then for this but now I’m concerned something is wrong since I seem to be more agitated.
Please help. Is it too late?
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I agree with the above answer.  Have you traveled? Any new medications since it started?  I wonder if a MRI or CT scan might be in order? What country do you live in? Not to get too personal, but any unprotected sex since this started? Any respiratory symptoms? How high is your fever and what is your normal temperature?
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Did you ask the person if their cat was vaccinated against rabies?  That would be a very easy first step.

The cat would have died from rabies by now if the cat had had rabies. You should talk to a doctor about your physical symptoms, but rabies is fairly rare, and the likelihood of it lying dormant for 4 years, even rarer (though not impossible).  It is FAR more likely that your symptoms are caused by something else, but only a doctor can run tests to determine the cause.
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