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Post exposure Rabies vaccine question please

Dear Doctor,

I had a suspect bite on my hand but did not recall it happening.  I showed a friend who suggested going to the ER.  At the Er the PA  felt based on the look of the wound and size it was a potential bat bite.  He recommended post exposure series of rabies shots.     The nurse came in and gave the rabies vaccine in my front thigh followed an hour later with a series of shots around the wound, he finished the remainder of that in my arm then emptied the  remaining vial in my leg.   I read that the imovax should be given in the deltoid muscle.   Is the shot still valid and does it count as it was injected into the thigh muscle and not the arm?
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As I recall the first injection is given into the would. The following injections are given Intramuscularly, as mentioned above.
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Here's a good article explaining how post-exposure vaccines should be administered:  https://www.who.int/ith/vaccines/rabies/en/

It sounds like you're OK as there is a line stating, "any remaining volume should be administered IM at an anatomical site distant from vaccine administration"  It is likely that, if the other injections were given in your arm, the final administration in your leg was appropriate.

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