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Rabies exposure

Urgent, i was scratch today by a dog in a shelter ( I volunteer there), and then the dog started playing with the hand where the scratch was , bittin the area but not hard, living in my sking and red dot and a large scratch also red. sadly the dog do NOT have rabies shot, he was in the streets and they found him and put him in the shelter for adoption like 5 weeks ago. The people in the dog shelter decided not to put him in observation or quarentine , they send me home. I need to know if is necesary for me to have the rebies shots, im very worry and scare about all this situation, please HELP!
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Hi, sorry this happened to you. If you got saliva from the dog into an open cut  such as the cut had any blood in it or bleeding, I would get the vaccine.  Alternatively, they would have to either quarantine the dog, or euthenize it to test it for rabies. So, I would see a doctor right away since they do not be want to quarantine.
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