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Rabies exposure?

It happened 4 years ago. I had a gf before, she just took a new baby dog (2months~3months old).
When we played naked, we also touched the dog. Dog licked and bited our fingers, after that my gf touched my urethra and fingered my anus(mucous membrane). 2weeks after my gf said the dog died (dog had symptoms Vomiting and Diarrhea)
Im so worried if there is any chance that the dog had Rabies. I know it's little bit weird question but recently I have a OCD problems, so worried about this.
I saw the article that incubation period of rabies can be maximum 7years.
It makes me nervous. Help me.
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You need to talk to your doctor about this, since it is a technical question.
You mean doctor who is a psychiatrist?
No, medical doctor so you find out if you even have a risk, instead of trying to internet self-diagnose. You are not a doctor so need to see one.
I see.
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I doubt its rabies. For one thing the puppy would have had to been bitten by another animal to even contract rabies. Sounds more like the pup had parvo, vomiting and diarrhea aren't rabies symptoms. Parvo is a common killer of puppies who aren't vaccinated and its not contagious to humans. But if you're really worried, go see a real doctor
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