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Rabies from falling down

Hi. A few weeks ago (around 2 or 3 weeks ago)
I fell down and my hand got a little red.
I am not sure if my hand is scratched or not.
But I'm sure it didn't bleed.
There is a cat that the school children pet.

My question is, if the cat was on the place where I fell, is it possible for me to get rabies?

Is it possible that I am infected in general?

Please answer me, I'm dying of stress.
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You have been advised that direct contact with an infected animal is necessary for a risk for rabies to exist.  We hope that you are able to get help for OCD.

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This is not even CLOSE to a risk for rabies. You need direct contact with an infected animal.  I'm not sure why you would think that the school would have an unvaccinated cat as a pet, around children, but in any case, there is no risk of you getting rabies or any other disease from a cat that has touched or laid on a place that you fell on.
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Does this mean that even if a cat or dog with rabies passed by where I fell, there is no chance of me getting infected?
You are just repeating exactly what I said.  There is no chance unless you are directly scratched or bitten by a rabid animal.
I'm so so sorry If I made you angry... Unfortunately I just have OCD about this disease. Last question. What if there was salvia on the place that I fell down. Is there any chance in this way?
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