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Rabies from food? (sorry for repost, forgot some info)

I live in California and I recently ate something that my dog got into by accident. And my throat started itching like 30 minute after. (it could be from a really salty food) And I started coughing like a day after. Is that Rabies?? My dog doesn't seem to have any symptoms of rabies. She hasn't gotten her shot.
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Hi ,
What did you eat? You can get rabies by a bite of an infected animal, such as a dog, cat, wild animal, or bat.  Or getting the infected animal's saliva in an open wound. You may have had an allergy to whatever it was you ate. Or as you mentioned, salty food. Animals in California are legally required to be vaccinated. Has your dog been off the leash or been bitten by another animal? If not, then it is not likely to give you rabies after eating. depends on what you ate? Was it a wild animal? Rabies wouldn't make you cough a day later. It takes a while to develop flu like symptoms or another sign is itching in a bite wound.  One usually gets rabies from the bite of an infected animal, or getting the saliva of an infected animal into a open wound.   Hope this answers your question. Best to vaccinate your dog and keep it on a leash as there is a leash law in California and you can be held liable if it causes damage to someone else.

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