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Rabies from meat shop?

I bought goat meat, however I am not it was goat meat or dog meat, these are small butchers in India. He cut the meat pieces with his bare hands, used same hands without washing to put it in polythene bag, I picked that bag and bought it home. I washed my hands and proceeded to remove my eye lenses. Is there any risk for me? I washed my eyes as well later, However I did not wash my tap, could it have virus still left on it when I closed it?
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This isn't how rabies is transmitted.  I hope you are working with a therapist to address your irrational health concerns.
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I also smelled the meat, my nose did not touch the meat. Atleast I did not feel it. But i am not sure.
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You get Rabies from having a bite of an animal or person that has Rabies and the saliva has to get into a open cut or bite wound   Less often you can get it by saliva of the animal getting into mucous membranes or open wound. You can't get it by meat or blood getting onto your eyes or open wound etc. So. You are fine.
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