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Rabies through sharing equipment and with open blister?

Based at South East Asia. Was playing on a friend’s drums set, played till one finger blistered, continue to play, then blister broke (1–1.5cm diameter)

Friend do not have pets, but he does feed strays, any chance he left some infected rabies saliva on the drums that went into my open blister wound?

I guess I play drums roughly 2–2.5 hours after him. If there is rabid saliva on the drum set, will it be safe after a few hours?

Do I need to get a rabies vaccine booster? (I was actually vaccinated roughly 2 years ago when there was a bat visiting my home lol)
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No, you're not going to get rabies that way.  Rabies transmission generally requires direct contact with the infected party via a bite that breaks your skin.  Touching saliva on surfaces, even with minor cuts or scrapes, is not a realistic way to get rabies.
Thanks for your input, CurfewX!
Hi, I just saw your question. No you cannot get rabies from dried saliva. If you had not touched the surface for a long time  if there  was dried saliva you wouldn't get rabies.
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