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Rabies vaccine - how long it will last?

Hi experts,

I had an encounter with a bat in my house 2 ++ years back. After talking to a doctor, I went through the 5 doses rabies vaccine (no RIG) on schedule.

Since then, I did not go back for any booster shots, though I do spot some bats flying around near my house (but not in my house) from time to time. So I am just wondering, as I have may have been exposed to these bats or their saliva unknowingly, how long will a post exposure rabies vaccine (with no booster) immunity last?

I try to google the above, but did not really find any solid answers as some sites place the immunity as years "if" one take a booster 1 year after the post exposure shots. So any input or advice will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
Best regards,
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Here is a link to the CDC site for Rabies prevention. I believe it states that you have to produce antibodies after vaccination. So perhaps they can check your antibody level and see if you still have antibodies. Anytime you have a bat in the house you have to get to a doctor to possibly get another series of vaccination. If you have a good doctor, that understands rabies, they can advise you better. Hope, this helps.
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Hi again,
I also just read on the CDC website that just because you have antibodies it does not always correlate with protection. So, I would see your doctor.
Thanks so much! Currently residing at south east asia and doctors here kinda think rabies are from dogs. And I asked, most private hospital do not even test for rabies antibodies.

I think I will just  ask for a booster. Thanks again!!
Yes I think you have to. Sorry.
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