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Really need your help. Numbness all over body.

Hi, I'll try and keep this as short as possible. But basically looking for some other opinions here. Over the past 3 weeks I've experienced some crazy symptoms. It all started with what I thought was a rash on my penis after masturbating. What I've now found out is an allergic reaction and I've been diagnosed with an extremely rare disease called POIS. I also have Hashimoto's disease and over the past 3 weeks have been getting progressive numbness all across my body. (teeth, tongue, gums, neck, arms, legs, fingers, and bottom of feet.) Everything is bilateral and equal on both sides and they all showed up simultaneously. My skin also feels extremely dry, and like my muscle is wasting away. Although I haven't lost any weight which is weird.

Also found out that my Testosterone is is 231 which is extremely low for my age (30), and also that I have a slipped disc in my c5-c6 cervical area.

My doctors have said the slipped disc wouldn't cause the widespread numbness. My question is could my low testosterone be causing the widespread numbness? My muscles and everything seem to be weakening which is scary. Just curious on what other people thought.

I've had MRI's of my whole spine and brain and my neurologist said I don't have MS or any nerve damaging diseases, so I'm at a bit of a loss. My rheumatologist also suggested I may have caught covid, but I doubt it. What do you think?
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I would see a neurologist. An MRI won't show nerve problems except if there is a pinched nerve due to a spinal injury or injury in general. Also, tumors.
MRI of the brain could show tumors. So if those are normal
A neurologist might be able to detect something.  It doesn't sound like an infectious disease.  
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Also, a sudden big decline in testosterone could cause some problems.  But again a neuroligist would have to examine you.
Sorry I mean neurologist.
I see you saw a neurologist
Are taking any drugs or supplements?
The low Testosterone wouldn't cause that.  Taking too much vitamin B6 might, also diabetes,  very low B12, Hashimotos could. On you on any drugs?
Thank you for your comment. And the only drug I'm on is Armour Thyroid 90mg, DSF Herbal and Vitamin D + K2 daily. I have an appointment with my endocrinologist tomorrow to hear back on my blood labs, so I'll see if those are normal.

Also my primacy doc told me my B12 is normal, and also I'm negative for diabetes
I should also mention there wasn't a drop in testosterone. It's been consistently low for years, which my urologist wants to jump on that quickly. And hopefully this isn't too much info but it flared up right after I masturbated and I think my POIS is messing with my hashimotos since POIS is basically an allergic reaction to my own orgasms. This recently triggered mild swelling in my groin lymph nodes and lower back pain, along with localized numbness in my penis at first, before the numbness widespread. (this happened first, years ago also, which is exactly the moment my muscles started changing and going numb which I don't think is a coincidence. This same thing with my muscles happened before but never with body spread numbness like this, so it appears it spread whatever it is. The only thing that made the muscles go back to normal the first time was using mupirocin 2% on my penis, which makes me think I'm dealing with a resistent bacterial infection or an allergic reaction of some sort.
I have similar symptoms that started in almost the same manner whats your next steps? I have no clue what to do now
Hey, so no answers yet. I'm clueless still also. I've visited basically every doctor so far and no one really has any answers except for the low testosterone and slipped disc in neck which still wouldn't explain the body wide numbness. I hope you can get some answers too. If you find out, could you please share? Mine has been progressively getting worse over the past 3 weeks. Feel free to private message me also.
Just curious, do you have swelling in your groin area also? Mixed with lower back pain?
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