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Really scared i might have sepsis

good evening guys. im really scared i may have sepsis or an infection. i feel wierd, my body feels cool but i begin to sweat just a little bit, but when i turn on my fan i stop sweating. as for my heart i feel it pumping normally. i dont really feel weak or anything. My aunt says i dont have a fever. But im really scared, can it just all be in my head??? I am a hypochondriac so maybe its just me causing my own symptoms since im freaking out and wont stop thinking about it. Honestly overall, i dont really feel sick. but im still worried.
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Hi, you would have a high fever if you had sepsis and be very fatigued. You usually get if from either a break in the skin from a exterior injury such as a wound or from an internal injury. So if you don't have any of these I wouldn't worry about it. If you sweat for no reason either it is anxiety or you can get your thyroid checked or other hormones.
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I developed sepsis via a severe kidney infection and it started with a UTI but you can develop sepsis through, bacteria infecting any type of infection, cut or burn. Do you have any flank pain? Are you having cold sweats before the hot sweats? In my opinion to what I have been through myself and what I have read upon, you can only get diagnosed with sepsis if you have an underlying condition. Best advice I can say is, book an appointment with the doctor. If you start shivering uncontrollably and you start vomiting, then definitely phone the emergency doctor.
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