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Recurrent bacterial vaginosis (Gardnerella)

I have Recurrent bacterial vaginosis (Gardnerella) for 15 years and tried different treatments (metronidazole, boric acid, probiotics, apple cider, hydrogen peroxide, I have BV every single time after intercourse. I was in Mayo Clinic but they can not help me. Please advise me a GOOD DOCTOR. thank you!
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Sorry you have this problem. We are not doctors on here and cannot refer people to doctors. However, I am a microbiologist and can give you some advice. So, firstly how did they diagnose your BV? What test did they use? Usually Garnerella can start the BV but it can be caused by other problems. Which probiotic did you use? You don't use a douche do you? That can cause problems? Did they try using clindamycin? Also, you could have you and your husband both try the antibiotic at the same time since you seem to get it with intercourse. Do you get it if he uses a condom? That would indicate it is getting passed to you back and forth.
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