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please ref.
wbc- 6.1, rbc-5.47, hgb-16.0, Hct-47.3, Mch-29.3, mchc-33.8, plt-254, rdw-sd-13.2, rdw-cv-13.2, mpv-10.2, p-lcr-26.1,

Neut - 54.8, lymph -35.4, eo-0, baso-0,
MONO - 9.8 -  IS HIGH
PDW - 13.5 - IS HIGH,

Is this indicates infrectious diesease
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Hi, firstly I need your normal reference ranges as they vary from lab to lab. Do you mean RDW is high not PDW? If the RDW is high that just means there is variation in the cell size and shape. That doesn't mean it is an infectious disease. It could be a number of things such as anemia. I need more information. Do you have a fever? What other symptoms?
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Neut - 54% (50%-70%), Lymp - 35.4% (20%-40%),
MONO - 9.8% ( 0%-5%) --- IT IS HIGH
PDW - 13.2% ( 8%-12%) - IT IS HIGH

RDW-SD - 45.4% (35%-56%) - IS NORMAL.
RDW-CV - 13.2% (11%-16%) - IS NORMAL

Pls assist, with the high mono and pdw.
Well, are there any symptoms? The PDW is more of a marker for the heart not infectious disease. It is not that high above normal. Usually it if there is heart problem then the platelet count would also be high and MPV (Mean Platelet Volume). The monocytes can be high for a number of reasons but the percentages goes up when the percentage of Neutrophils and lymphocytes etc. go down. Since the monocytes are not that high  it looks like it is just an adjustment. Usually a manual count is more accurate. They do one if they suspect a problem and since they didn't do that it wasn't red flag so to speak.
So there doesn't appear to be an infectious disease going on. But I don't know your symptoms I am just going by the blood test. If there was usually the WBC count would be high and/or lymphocytes.  You can discuss these tests with your doctor if you want more tests done but as for infectious disease it is looking normal.
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Thanks a lot MKH9,

My wbc is 6,100.

mpv is 10.2 ( normal range 6.5  -12 ).

is it ok
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Thanks a lot MKH9,

My wbc is 6,100.

mpv is 10.2 ( normal range 6.5  -12 ).

is it ok,

Actually, i have pain on the spinal cord and slight pain near my heart.
Okay, so you should see a cardiologist or your family doctor. But they will probably say the level isn't that far off and nothing to worry about. But it is up to them to decide. If they thing it is high then they can get a EKG, then if normal they can do an Echocardiogram, and a 24 hour monitor they put on you. The echocardiogram looks for structural problems and the 24 hour monitor looks at the rhythm. They can also do a stress test. They didn't do cardiac enzymes in the blood did they? Like CPK test or a detailed chemistry profile?
All of these can check your heart to see if there is anything wrong. Also they will listen to the heart and lungs.  Most likely it isn't that high since it isn't very high above the normal. But it is not in my field and I am not a doctor.
Thanks a lot, again done the same BLOOD test again.

wbc is 6.46,
rbc 5.75 (3.5- 5.5)
hgb 16.(11- 16)
pdw 13.8 (8-12)
pct 0.28 (0.108 - 0.282)
neut 44.6 (50-70)
lymp 41.6 (20-40)
mono 8.2 (0.5-5)
eo 5.3 (3.0-12)
baso 0.3 (0.0-1.0).


I also done adbomonal scanning, i have fatty liver grade 1 and kidney cyst ( doctor said no probkem).

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Hi, So, I agree that your your hgb is really in range so that is okay. The lymphocytes  and pct are not really high enough to worry about.  So nothing to worry about with the blood work. But the PDW is still high showing  more of a heart issue not an infectious issue. So as I mentioned you could get those tests to check it out. Do you have hepatitis or drink to much alcohol? those can cause the fatty liver? What about diabetes?  Otherwise, these things are not infections and you should talk to the doctor about your concerns.

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