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Slight Throat Infection for 2 months, Dizzy & Tired.

I think its a throat infection, and thats what my mediocre doctor told me. (known to misdiagnose) I spit out a bit of gunk ALOT , and its just irritating, it doesn't really hurt when i swallow much, and i dont have fevers, but i do feel dizzy ALL the time and i feel nauseous and my stomach tends to tense up. I thought i was pregnant! i was so excited and i had a negative result. In my country they dont do cultures, they dont make sure they have the right diagnosis, they just want your money. Im just scared that i have this for so long and it hasnt come off yet! Ive ben on anti biotics and it just doesnt kill the thing. Ive had this maybe 3 times in the past year but it always goes away. P.S I breast feed. I took Zithromax and it didnt work
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It sounds like an inner ear problem in addition to sore throat and usually when you ears are infected it can throw your balance off and sometimes make you naseated. Has anyone checked your ears?
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No they haven't checked my ear. I had pains in my stomach and the Dr said I had a urinary infection. He gave me some antibiotics, but I still have a slight pain. And I have clouded vision from before he gave me antibiotics. Still have clouded/ foggy vision and my eye sight is perfect
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Hi, you don't migraines do you?  I wonder if your blood sugar is ok and blood pressure? I get cloudy vision sometimes too. But my problems are migraine with or without aura. Also, when my blood sugar is too low I get cloudy vision. I also get it when I am depressed, which isn't often. I wonder if your electrolytes are off (sodium, potassium, chloride and CO2.)?
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