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Someones blood in mouth


I was at work (restaurant) and someone cut their hand with a knife. They shook their hand and blood went everywhere, Including a drop that landed on my lip, and possibly in my mouth.
Can someone outline a possible risk?

Thank you in advance
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I also have a canker sore if my mouth if that's any relevance
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Hi, if you work in the U.S. this would be a workman's comp issue and you have to report this to your supervisor right away. So if it happened today report it tomorrow morning if you didn't yet do that.


Your risk for HIV is very very small. You don't even know that the person has it or not. There no risk if they don't have it. Do you know this person? If so if they are willing to take the test they can rule that out. But, you can't force them.

The other risks Hepatitis B and C. You can get you blood drawn in about a month or so . Ask your work when they want you to do this. They sometimes get a baseline now to make sure you are negative to start with then another one in about a month or 6 weeks. Also, if you had been vaccinated with a Hepatitis B vaccine you would not get that.

What country do you live in?


I live in the UK
I can imagine reporting it would do any good; there are so many regulations protecting the companies
I was advised that hep b and c are by direct blood to blood contact, hep c impossible, hep b very very minimal
I also read on other posts here due to the situation it mostly an 'ewww' situation

Either way I'll get myself checked out
Yes it is all very low risk. For example if you get stuck by a needle with blood it is about 1.8% of sero-conversion. But blood in the mouth is less since you have to have an open sore . Not sure if a canker sore is open but usually not bleeding. Also, if the blood was on the outside of the lip and you washed it off it may not have entered the mouth. But if you want to get tested to be sure do the HIV testing at 28-30 days. Do the Hepatitis around 6 weeks after exposure. Hep C is not impossible. Yes it is true it is direct blood to blood contact. They say risk to the mouth and nose is unknown if no cuts in the mouth. But there is some to the eye (but you didn't get that).
p.s. if you can get the 4th generation test for HIV get that at 28-30 days. Ask them if that is what they use. If it is 3rd generation then 1-3 months. Just talk to the doctor.
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