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Strange symptoms from Africa

Hoping someone could shed some light for me.
4 weeks ago I had an encounter with a Nigerian csw, I thought the condom had broken but did not see it, other members have told me I would have known. It was maximum 1 minute of sex.
Here is my timeline of illness:

*6-7 days after 'exposure' - retro orbital headache and aching shoulders/upper back, some mild fever (possibly kept down by codine for headache). This lasted 3-4 days, one groin  lymphnode raised and one occipital node raised (back of head)

*10 days after 'exposure' - headache & aching gone, went to doctor for WBC which came back as slightly low WBC; no other abnormalities. Faint rash appears on flanks and upper back, 3-4 blotches in middle back.

* 11 days after 'exposure' - Sore throat for 5 days, there was pus on the tonsils on first day but after that nothing but pain; some fatigue later in the days.

* 15 days after 'exposure' burning redness on shoulders and upper back - possible rash but didn't last more than a day

*16 days after 'exposure' - 3 days of low grade fever (37-38 degrees all day, highest recorded 38). Feeling run down

*17 days after 'exposure' - gastro discomfort but no diarrhea, pain in upper abdomon and under ribs (particularly the right side) took opramazole and was OK after 3 days. Some feeling of stiffness in fingers and sometimes elbows

*18 days after 'exposure' - developed penile thrush (taking doxy for malaria prophylaxis) & swollen nodes in my neck (i couldnt feel individual nodes just the general area was harder) - knee pain, around the knees and sometimes in my thighs and calf's.

*18 to now - still fatigued (full nights sleep and still tired) and having penile thrush, no lymph nodes or other symptoms (some stomach discomfort also) - discomfort in my right jaw, like I have been punched, hard to bite down without pain.

Any ideas what this could be? Both my own PCP and people on the forums have told me either a) I would have known if the condom broke, or b) my risk was really really small, even if the condom had broke.
Also my symptoms seem staggered which is not typical  in acute HIV infection and came on at only 6 days.

I am away from medical care until February.
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Found out it was my neutrophils that were low >0.9
CBC retested waiting results. My rash was visually confirmed as Pityriasis Versicolor
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Nothing as of yet, Malaria was negative, but I was not feverish at the time. It appears from other forum users that I was not at risk of HIV as I would have know if the Condom broke.
Low WBC suggests may be a mild bout of Dengue? Although I was run down for a long time (only just feeling better 5 weeks after start of symptoms) my other thought would be mono or possibly even secondary syphilis, I still have a small rash on my back that looks like puritic rosea, sometime my skin is mottled on shoulders, back and and flanks.
All very strange.
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I understand your concern regarding your symptoms. Aside from the CBC, what initial diagnostic tests were done? While symptoms could be caused by infectious issues or medication side effects, it would help to have laboratory tests done to ease any anxiety and to determine the underlying issue. Treatment would depend on the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted.
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