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Swollen neck lymph nodes

Ebv igg positive ,
Ebv igg negative ,
Cmv igg positive ,
Cmv igm negative ,
Hsv 1 igg positive ,
Hsv 1 igm negative ,
Hsv 2 igg negative ,
Hsv 2 igm negative ,
Hiv antibody negative ,
I have hashimoto ,
Swollen neck lymph nodes ,
1 year swollen ,
I have gum disease,
what would be the reason ?
Ebv ? Cmv ? Hsv ? Hashimoto ?
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Hi, and welcome to the infectious disease forum. I am not a doctor but I am a microbiologist. I think you meant the EBV IgG was positive and IgM negative right? So that means all of the tests you mentioned are past infections. You have autoimmune antibodies or Hashimotos disease of the thyroid. Are you sure it is swollen lymph nodes or swollen thyroid? Since you have that problem it is possible.

Any infection can make your lymph nodes swell so if your gum disease is bad enough it could make your lymph nodes swell especially if you have an abcessed tooth etc.

How large is the lymph node? As I mention they normally swell even when you feel well but are fighting something off . that is because they are filled with white blood cells and it is their job as part of the immune system to attack any new infection even a cold or something you may not feel sick from. You can fight it off and never feel sick. They can be raised for a month or sometimes two.

Is the lymph node spongy. You can press on it and it sort of bouncy? That is normal as opposed to hard as a rock.


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First thank you very much for your help to people. I have made test and according my results my cmv lgm is negative. But my lymph has swelled. I went to doctor he told me you have a infection and made some of test. And he said no problem according your test. But i am scared when my lymph will be ok because it is going on almost one year. What i must do? Could you help me please?
I have seen this in a lot of people. It usually doesn't mean anything.
One thing have you had a complete blood count done? is it normal? You can type it in here but put in the reference ranges of your lab next to the results.

If all the results say they are normal then you are fine with the CBC. Some times infectious cause you to have the lymph nodes swell and they just don't go back down.

How big is it across? It feels soft and spongy? Not hard like a rock? Does it hurt or no pain?
If your gums are bleeding and really bad it can make your lymph nodes swell. Like I said if you get abscessed teeth where you get swelling in the gums or cheek and pain due to infected teeth, gums and so forth then if it is chronic that could be the cause.
So if you have bad dental problems you should get them fixed like a crack in a tooth, Abscessed teeth, bad cavities that have been there for a long time, bacteria can get into the pulp or deep tissue of the tooth and then into the lymph node and cause infection and that makes it swell. It is not good for your health.
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Test Sonuç R Birim Sonuç Y Min D-D2 Max D-D2 NOT RefD
Anti- hiv 0.185 ML NEGATİF 0.1 10
BİLİRUBİN (DİREKT) 0.2 mg/dl 0 0.2
BİLİRUBİN (TOTAL) 0.8 mg/dL 0- 0 1- 18
ALT 17.1 U/L 0 45
GGT 22.5 U/L 0 60
WBC 7.3 K/uL 4 10
Len# 3.1 K/UL 0.8 2.7
Mid# 0.3 K/UL 0.1 1.6
Neut# 3.9 K/UL 1.2 6.9
Len% 42.9 % 15 47.9
Mid% 4.4 % 1.3 25.9
Neut% 52.7 % 38.3 77.1
RBC 5.16 M/UL 3.8 6.2
Hb 16.2 g/dl 11 15
Hct 47.2 % 35 54
MCV 91.5 fl 80 95
MCH 31.4 pg 27 32
MCHC 34.3 g/dl 32 36
RDW-CV 12.3 % 10.6 15.7
PLT 273 K/uL 150 500
P-LCR 25.7 % 10.7 45
MPV 10 fl 6 10
PDW 12.3 % 10 16
Sedimantasyon 1 saat 2 mm 2 10
HBs Ag (Elisa) 0.326 COI NEGATİF 0 1 <1
ANTİ HCV 0.277 ml NEGATİF 0 1
Crp (Türbidimetrik) 2.7 mg/L 0 6
Your results all look normal. I wouldn't worry about it.
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