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Systemic Candida - Severe Nocturnal Muscle Spasms with Heart Involvement

Hi Everyone,

I have read multiple post on this site over the years but have never actually posted any questions.  But I am lost as to what is going on with me.

I was relatively health up until I was 18 when I was diagnosed with Mono and suffered severe CFS for at least a year, along with this I developed Asthma, Reflux and multiple infections including Pluracy.  I also developed thrush as a result of the antibiotic use and the Asthma medications.  Took Zantac for the severe reflux.  Fast forward to 2006 and I started to have difficulty swallowing as well as a severe burning pain constantly under my right ribs.  At the time the doctors put me on Zoton, but due to the swallowing difficulties I was unable to have this with out problems so I went back onto the Zantac.  In 2007 I went to a new doctor who sent me to a new Gastro specialist who put me in to hospital for a endoscope.  They found esphoghael candida.  A later organised manometry study diagnosed me with a unspecified motility disorder (Upper splincter zone would not relax, hypotonic and slightly herniated lower splincter zone with diminished peristaltic pressures).  I spent the next few years getting worse and worse and started having severe nighttime attacks that were diagnosed at Tachycardia due to pressure on the Vagal Nerve.  Beta Blockers did not help and after quite alot of treatment with fluconazole and repeated blood culture showing a high level of candida, I was finally diagnosed two months ago with systemic candida rather then just the localised esphoghael candida.  Now I am on Voriconazole but am still having severe nocturnal attacks.  They are very disturbing.  Basically it just feels as if every single muscle in my body convulses just as I fall asleep.  All my muscles tense up and I jolt up out of my sleep.  I am then left with severe pain, muscle weakness, pins and needles throughout my body, but there are variations to these attacks.  Sometimes the Tachycardia starts up and my hearts races for a minute or two before settling down.  This has been picked up on a holter monitor.  Other times I get this massive rush that starts in my legs races through my body and basically finishes with what feels like an explosion in my head.  I am left with major headaches when this occurs.   Now apart from the motility disorder and the candida they cannot find any cause for these attacks.  So they have come to the conclusion that the Candida causing the release of Mast cells that are attacking my CNS causing these attacks.  They have no idea why I have candida.  I have seen auto-immunologist, genetist (They thought I had Marfans Syndrome due to my scoliosis, short-sightiness and my tall (6ft 4in) and skinny statue) but they have ruled this out at present without doing the genetic tests as I don't meet other criteria's.  I have had nerve tests done and still no answers.  My bloods are unremarkable, seem to have elevated phosphate quite alot, had low immunoglobulins for a while and my protein is normal but only just, this never seems to rise no matter how much protein powder I take.  Plus I have other things pop up in my bloods, usually related to the liver or kidneys.  But Ultrasounds show no major issue there.

Basically does anyone have any ideas of what could be going on, anyone have candida and suffer similar symptoms.  It is these nocturnal attacks that happen at least 10 - 50 times a night.  I honestly don't know how much more I can take, I am exhausted, weak and just want relief.  Sorry for such a long rant, and such a long history.  Their is plenty of the story I have left out, as I would be writing a novel if I continue.  More then happy to answer any questions.  


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I left quite a bit out so I will do a quick list of what is wrong with me.


Systemic Candiadias
Esophageal motility disorder (On Pureed Diet and Nutritional Supplements)
Allergies (Pollen, English Plantin, Cats, Bees, Dust and Mold)
Mild Atherosclerotic Plaques in Profunda femoral artery but no stenosis.
Lactose & Wheat Intolerance (Colieac Blood tests were negative as well as biopsies done during the endoscope)
Underweight (Just 64kg) and cannot put on weight with high calorie supplements.

Image Results
Brain CT Scan and MRI: Normal
Chest X-Ray's: Normal
Abdominal Ultrasound's: Normal, but my kidneys have shrunk about 1.5cm each.
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Sounds like you have been through so much.  Myself, n the past few years I have been developing some symptoms that I just can no longer live with.  To try and sum up quickly...
severe headaches
muscles and joints hurt so badly taht I can barely function some days
strange tightness in my throat taht has made swallowing very difficult
allergies taht I have never had before
my vision gets cloudy from time to time
often extreme fatigue
recurrent yeast infections
memory issue and occasional confusion
mood disturbances such as anger flare ups that I've never had before and terrible sadness
and I developed mitrol valve prolapse which is usually not fatal but at times really painful

I have already been diagnosed with Epstein Barr and Lyme's disease.  Now my doctor says that I may have Fibromyalsia or the beginning of MS or Lupus!  All of these seem to have some characteristics in common.

However a couple of weeks ago through my own research in desperately trying to get rid of these yeast infections, I came across Candida overgrowth symptoms and I was shocked at how they fit me!!!!

Today I am starting a Candida Cleanse and I am hopeful that many if not all of my symptoms will be relieved.

My advice to you is to cleanse your symptom.  Our traditional doctors do not have all the answers for you or I and it is time to take things into your own hands.

http://www.drlwilson.com/articles/candida.htm   PLEASE look at this link at the harm Candida can cause our bodies and our lives.

http://www.thecandidadiet.com/ph-levels-candida.htm  This link is also very helpful.

When you are ready to do eliminate the Candida...just type in Candida Cleanse and many products will come up or go to your local health food store.  Make sure that you get a cleanse that is all natural NOT synthetic.

Good luck to you and you will be in my prayers/

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You know, if you have low Iga as you stated above, you may have gotten a false negative on your Celiac diagnosis, and your candida (which presents very similarly) might actually be caused by Celiac or gluten intollerance.  It seems you have so much going on that something is causing your body to have almost an inflammatory response.  Not sure if you stated that you are wheat intollerant or not, but just that you don't have Celiac?  I suppose you know that malnutrition is another sign of Celiac and if you are that skinny, you may be malnurished?  Eating lots of protein as you stated without eating enough fat OR without eating enough carbs will prevent you from gaining weight and you may actually loose weight -- sailors can't live on just fish and you can't live on just eating rabbits  -- neither have enough fat.  Probably not telling you anything you don't already know.  You need to start from square one with a new doctor, but in the interim, really think about what you are eating.  Seems like you have too much going on not to have some unknown allergen causing all of these things to happen to you?
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Have you gotten any better yet?
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Thanks for asking, but no I have not got any better, only worse.

They have official diagnosed Colieac now as well as Lactose intolerance and I also have to see a neurologist as I am having major issues with my Central nervous system.  It could just be the Candida toxins but they want to make sure it's nothing else, especially since my nan had Parkinson and since I have major swallowing difficulties and some bouts of trembling hands/arms, but this only occurs if I carry something heavy or do something that involves stretching my arms (eg. hanging the clothes)

evilsanta224, my diet has improved somewhat with major hospital grade nutritional powders (Carbs, Protein, Essential Fats, All Vitamins and Minerals, High Calorie) but it's not making any different.  

Just had a major sinus flair up also and they did a swab and found a severe candida infection their, but my bloods always come back with a high level of candida so this did not surprise me.

I just can't understand how colieac and lactose intolerance could be enough to trigger such a severe candida infection.  But I battle through and constantantly try to research and apply things I learn to fighting this battle.  

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OMG Luke it's like you just described my life. I am 37 and had mono when I was 28. Since then I have had all the symptoms you have described plus others. I just had a heart cath cause they thought i had a blockage. I knew it wasnt but it was better then the anxiety they keep saying it is. they found i have a 50% block in 1 art. That would not cause any symptoms though. I thought this was all caused by IBS but I think it the opposite. I have a candida book and have taken the tests many times and they come out extremely high. I have all the symptoms of CFS and thought it may be from candida. However, all drs say no its anxiety or depression with no tests for candida.
I am fianally going to an ID dr on Aug.3rd and I pray that they will get to the bottom of this 9 years of hell.
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I could have written your posts up there. I am 2 years out of that health hole I was in.... following a strict anti yeast diet. Fighting parasites and yeast. B12/Bcomplex shots helped.
Going wheat/corn/soy/casein/sugar free
eliminating yeasty foods... potatoes, peanuts
eliminating all convenience foods
eliminating all preservatives and especially MSG and it's other names (autolyzed, hydrolyzed, yeast extract anything).

Have hope! I was on the brink of death I felt like and I have my life back. It was a long road.

On Facebook the community Think Fungus First is a helpful group.
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Doctors are clueless about the effects of mold or yeast mycotoxins on the human body.  I was exposed to mold at my job for 5 years resulting in a cutaneous (at the very least) infection I have been on the merry go round with for over a year.  I have joint pain, numbness, tingling, headaches, memory issues, difficulty processing mentally at times, dizzines....not to mention wanting rip off any part of my body currently suffering the skin lesions,etc that everyone is still arguing about (no one wants to believe the mold part because it is "rare".  Rare has to happen to someone or it wouldn't be in the medical journals.  In addition, all of these yeast/mold type illnesses are slowly coming to the forefront as they are becoming more common. Just to let you know you aren't crazy (and I know this is not directly related to candida, but if you research mold exposure & fungal illnesses they all seem to overlap! Hope the link works or at least provides info to help find the article.  It was very liberating as it was the first confirmation that this is all related & not just depression! http://www.ispub.com/journal/the-internet-journal-of-toxicology/volume-3-number-1/chronic-exposure-to-alternaria-tenuis-pullularia-pullulans-and-epicoccum-nigrum-may-lead-to-symptoms-of-neuropsychological-illnesses-evidence-from-a-comprehensive-evaluation.html
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hi Luke, i have been diagnosed with candida in my esophagus, it all started with a parasite infection blastocystis hominis, it developed candida,i had most of your symptoms tachycardia,burning flushes, spasms, i felt like poisoned,  i took fluconazole for 3 weeks, but i think i got something else,maybe it has to do with epstein barr, or something, im still not ok, candida symptoms are gone but im not fine :( well,hope you get better..
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Luke, check out heavy metal poisoning and then check into Andrew Cutler's amalgam illness book, online.  Even if you don't have amalgam fillings, you may have heavy metals in you.  Andrew Cutler is reasonable and there are some great support groups on Yahoo, etc, for his method of detox, but it takes a while. Well heck!  What else are you doing?
Heavy metals have some weird symptoms, but they all sound like yours. Ha. (Sorry, I suffered a long time, too.) Also, investigate on-line: Guy Abraham and Dr. David Brownstein.  These two have a different take on magnesium and iodine. These two are my heroes. A lot of deficiencies out there. I've been taking Iodine and more MG for a year or more, but my mom has been...well forever.  God bless.
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Hello Vfusion!

I searched on Google using the search string "sharp spasm pain in head candida" and found your post.  I do not know if nocturnal muscle spasms and Candida can be associated with each other but I was amazed to find your post.

I have many spasms/seizures/electrical-storms just as I seem to be falling asleep.  I also suspect that I have had candida for 25 years now.  My symptoms were getting so bad that a rheumatologist recently diagnosed me with ankylosing spondylitis.  I really don't have AS.

I managed to rapidly reduce my symptoms by stopping the use of all pharmaceuticals (ibuprofen was damaging my gut), I noticed that I felt better if I ate a zero-starch and zero-sugar diet.  I also went on an elimination diet because I was realizing that certain foods like corn, toufu and cheese would trigger symptoms of anxiety, pain, confusion, etc.  Getting regular exercise (running 5-6 km every 2 or 3 days helped.  I also began taking massive doses of Mg, probiotics and other nutritional supplements.

I have been on that lifestyle for four months and find I am more relaxed, calm, strong, and even get very few colds.  For the prior five years I was getting a cold every few weeks.  I still suffer from spasms of some type (muscle, vasal,...??) in my head.  The now not only occur while I sleep but are not happening at any time of the day.  The night seizures/spasms began twelve years ago!

I still have not found an alopathic doctor that seriously considers the possibility that may of my problems are cased by candida.  I am very interested in how you are doing and what you have discovered.

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Well, I just want to add that you seem to be immunocompromised. The yeast spread from one place to the blood. This doesn't normally happen. Hi, I am  not a doctor but I am a microbiologist. I can try to give you some advice.
So, how are your blood tests for the complete blood count? Do you have normal amounts of white blood cells? Have they done immunoglobulin levels and so forth to check your immunity? Are you diabetic or found any tumors? Something seems to be causing you to possibly have lowered immunity. Also, have they identified which species of yeast it is? Some strains are very resistant. One type is found in certain birds like pigeon droppings. Also, likes olive oil to grow. So, I need some information to try to help here.
take care,
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I wanted to mention to you that you didn't mention what species of Candida you have. Many strains of Candida are resistant. Candida albicans is often resistant to fluconazole. So that may be why you still have it. So you may need something else to get rid of it. Where is your Candida? Still in the esophagus? I wonder if the Fluconazole didn't give you the arrhythmia? I got one from using another drug. You might ask a pharmacist if that is a side effect of the drug. Or, read the details of the package insert online.
take care,
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Hello mkh9, were you suggesting that I might be immunocompromised and what my white blood cell count was like?  I'm just asking because your post seemed to be directed to Vfusion.  He has not been on this thread for five years now.

Interesting, some yeast likes olive oil to grow.  I have used olive oil for a about a decade.  But about four months ago I began to steam my vegetables.  Probably just a coincidence.  Eliminating specific foods and starting nutritional supplements have made a huge difference.  I always did eat well but it took a while to figure out what foods I was intolerant of.  My immune system is getting a rest now.

My white blood cell counts are in the low end of the normal range.  A liver enzyme was high probably due to ibuprofen overuse.  It will get rechecked in a couple of days.  I do not know if my ankylosing spondylities symptoms were really a result of developing an allergy to ibuprofen, or a side effect of liver damage, or a result of Candida getting into my blood stream from my gut due to gut damage from the ibuprofen.  I have had no immunologic or allergy testing.

I only suspect that I have Candida over growth based on symptoms in my head and that I had foot fungus completely covering the souls of my feet for 25 years until a Chinese friend gave me an ointment that worked with only a few applications.
What is the ointment?  And, how do you use it?
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Hello aug19.  If you're still lurking here I have discovered a diet very similar to yours by noticing patterns and trial and error; not from a list of do's and dont's.  At one time I could gorge myself on corn, potatoes, wheat, sugar, peanuts, cashews, etc.  But if I eat them at the peak of my illness, to varying degrees, I would have body pain, weakness, heart palpitations, mental confusion, etc.  A doctor has said it's anxiety.  I wish I could mind-body meld with him and then have him tell me that.  Anyway, it is a neuro-immune response to something: leaky gut, candida???  I am open to suggestions.  Daily pain flareups still occur in my skull, sinuses, nasal passages, ears, eyes and the base of the skull.  An MRI confirmed inflammation in the whole spine.  I still get the spasms day and night.  I am aware of being woken up about twenty times a night and that in itself will compromise the immune system!
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Well, I only suggested this to two people. yours sounds different because yours probably did come from the problem with the Ibuprofen. But if my post helps it is for anyone to get information from. Especially, the part about Candida albicans being resistant to fluconizole, which is a common ingredient in the foot OTC foot treatments. Terbinafine (Lamisil) seems to still work. But you found another way around it. Ibuprofen can cause stomach problems. I have had some those issues as well. I can't take Ibuprofen any more because it increases your risk of blood clots as well when you are a risk and I have had them.  Diet can help lower your inflammation. I am on a particular non-fat or very low fat vegan diet. It is supposed to be anti-inflammatory. If interested I will give you information. I try not put diet info because it seems diets are almost like  a religion. People generally are very serious about them.
Yes a yeast called Malassesia furfur. It requires olive oil to survive. There are some related strains that require or prefer lipids.
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Did your doctor ask you for hiv, hbv or Ana hep2 test ?
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