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Tested negative for STIs (including HIV)

I am an American man, about 14 months ago I gave an American woman (of unknown STI status) unprotected cunnilingus.  I likely had bleeding gums at the time, but cannot remember for sure.    


Roughly 36 hours after the encounter, I came down with pretty rough cold/flu like symptoms (fever, sore throat, runny nose, etc.)  This lasted about a week and a half and around that time I also developed a light, reddish, slightly itchy rash on my buttocks and upper legs.  This lasted about a week and then I got 3 aphthous ulcers on on my gums.  These also subsided after 2 weeks, but would come back every month or so until about 9 months after the sexual encounter.  

At around 7 months after the encounter continuing until now I have had numerous skin conditions (rashes, warts, blotches).  Some come and go within a few days, some have remained for a few months and still continue.  

About 11 months after the encounter I began to have loose stools and diarrhea, which persist to this day.  My doctor believes it to be irritable bowel syndrome.  

About 13 months after the encounter I discovered a painless swollen lymph node on the right side of my neck, it has lasted for about a month with no signs of letting up.  14 months after the encounter I discovered a painful, tender swollen lymph node in my right arm pit.  It lasted for about a week and subsided but is now back and has lasted for 3 days.  

Testing: (All negative or non-reactive)

HIV 1/2 Antibody: 1, 7, 9, 10, & 12 months
HIV Viral Load: 11.5 months
HIV NAT: 12 months
Herpes 1/2: 1 & 11.5 months
Chlamydia: 1, 10, & 12 months
Gonorrhea: 1, 10, & 12 months
Syphilis: 1, 10, & 12 months,
HTLV: 10 & 12 months
Hep B & C: 10 & 12 months
West Nile Virus: 12 months
Stool Sample: 13 months (nothing found)

So any idea what could be ailing me?  What should be next move?  I admit that I have been paranoid about HIV or another potentially serious illness for the last 3 months or so and have possibly caused some symptoms with stress/anxiety, but not the ones before that and not all of the current ones.  I have considered seeing a therapist, but want to make sure that I really don't have a serious disease before I do so.  Thanks for your help.    
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How are you? I understand your concern about your symptoms and risk of HIV. It is good that the diagnostic test results were negative. It may also be possible that the symptoms are due to several  conditions and you may benefit from seeing a gastroenterologist and dermatologist for proper evaluation prior to seeing a therapist. Hope this helps. Take care and do keep us posted.
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I am doing well, but still have many of the above symptoms.  I am going to see an infectious diseases specialist on Thursday.  If he cannot find the cause, I will go to a gastroenterologist I suppose.  Thanks for your reply.  
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Hi Doc,

Just an update for anyone who may read this thread.  I have seen an infectious diseases specialist and he had no further tests nor recommendations for me.  I also managed to find and speak with the woman I slept with and she has not had any symptoms.  She has also been tested for all relevant STDs at 2 years (more or less) after possible exposure, and all tests have come back negative.  I still have loose stool/diarrhea almost every day and sore/tender lymph nodes.  Other than that I feel well.  Not sure if I will ever figure out what is wrong with me, but I will just keep living my life one day at a time.  
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Hi Doc,

Another update for you.  Since I have calmed down about this incident, the diarrhea/loose stool has significantly (but not fully) improved.  This leads me to believe that this symptom was psychological.  

I still do have discomfort in the lymph nodes and the occasional odd skin rash/blotch.  The aphthous ulcers have returned but are less frequent, milder, and less painful than before.  

The woman that I slept with also told me that she has recently discovered several painless lumps (cysts or warts perhaps, not really sure) inside her vagina that come for a day or two and then recede.  She has not yet had them checked nor tested.  Do you think that this sounds like hpv/genital warts or anything else you know of?  Could hpv/gential warts explain some or all of my symptoms even if I do not have any visible warts?  She told me she has been tested, but there is not a blood test for hpv, correct?
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Hey strangersymptoms  anything improve I have some of the symptoms  that had posted,please let me know if u got any better or the doctor find out what u have? Thanks
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Hi Manuel,

Haven't exactly figured it out.  I still get most of the symptoms mentioned above.  I also moved to a new location and the aphthous ulcers went ballistic, but since fall they have mostly subsided.  This leads me to believe I am having some sort of reaction to an allergen or other contaminant in the area.  I have been to 4 doctors in total now and none of them seem to think I have much to worry about.   What is your story friend?  I would be happy to talk with you about this anytime.  

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hey strange symtoms and manuel154 iam having the same symptoms after oral sex 3 and a half months ago, tested negative for all stds doctors just keep telling me its stress and anxiety but i know its not. what are your ideas? new virus/bacteria?
Hi Dylan how are you ?
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Hi Dylan85,

Honestly not sure what it is at this point.  I have no choice but to rule out the things that I have been tested for as it does no good to dwell on them.  I know that stress/anxiety are not the sole cause but I am sure they have played their parts.  Could also be a combination of factors rather than one underlying cause.  Doctors/others have mentioned a myriad of possible causes: viral/bacterial infection, allergic reaction, chemical sensitivity, digestive disorder.  Sorry I don't have any concrete answers for you.  I remain available to talk about this anytime though.      
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hi Strangesymptoms i believe the same thing that stress/anxiety are certainly not helping and may be causing/magnifying some of the symptoms but iam sure stress is not the cause of the underlying issue. i have read alot of similair stories of people getting these strange symptoms after oral sex, i believe there is some unknown virus/bacteria going around, but surely if it was so contagious it would be spreading like mad(time will tell). hopefully we can find out what it is causing these symptoms sooner rather than later.
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Hi all, can you list your symptoms it may be of some use to us all. I believe I am dealing with a retro virus xmrv. The only place to get tested from the UK is asking a doctor to draw a blood sample and sending to Red Labs Belgium.It costs atleast £500.
Here we go
White tongue
Joint pain and clicking all over my body
Stiff neck
Swolen finger ends with nails curving and splinter hemorrhages every few weeks
Dark curves near end of nails, not all the time
Ringing in ears and niggly sensations almost pain
Frequent urination and urgency
Gastrointestinal pains and radiates to the spine due to the swelling I think
Urethral discomfort
Redness upon friction to penis head
Bacterial vaginosis, keeps returning after antibiotics, thought mycoplasma genitalium causing it at first, test negative.
Redness in back of throat, changes to white sometimes
Dry mouth at night
Sleep disturbance from pain and nightmares can only lie on my back, tossing and turning for ages.
Sudden muscle twitches as I'm about to go to sleep and sleeping I'm sure
Waking up with hands numb, maybe from lying funny because of joint pain.
Receding gums and mouth sores
Chest pains and in muscles
I may have missed something
This all escalated 6 months from when I first got sick and it's been a year now
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Just to add to that list
Terrible head aches
Sore eyes
Blurred vision
Trouble thinking Clearly
6 months total fatigue at the start
Can't keep track of anything and work is becoming scary through pain and lack of anything that takes organising

Thanks all, don't know how I've made it this far.
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Hang in there toughtime.  It will get better, that I can assure you.  Keep working with your doctor or a specialist and we will get all of this sorted eventually.  
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how are you feeling these days DILLION
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Hi Toughtime,
I noticed some of your symptoms and wanted to add a couple of things.
1. xmrv retrovirus has now been shown to be a laboratory contaminant and doesn't cause disease in man.
2. You could have Raynauds disease if your fingernails curve inward like a spoon, it also causes numbness and pin and needles and affects the flow of blood. It is a common ailment and affects those in their 20's and 30's. If your nails do look like a spoon you could also have iron deficiency or to much iron (both ways)  or lupus (which is less common in men).  The splinter hemorrhages are nothing if in one nail but if a lot of nails it could be Lupus, psoriasis, infection of heart valve or another underlying disease. so it depends on how many finger nails are involved.  Dark curves near end of nails, could be B 12 deficiency.

So you may want to get an Iron level and B12 done as well as as about the Raynauds. And, go from there for those symptoms. Have you had a test for rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? or Anti DNA and ANA  CRP, anti smooth muscle, etc. To see why you have joint pain? The mouth sores are usually viral and genetic. Try gargling with salt water.
You can also get tested for Ureaplasma. It is a culture or molecular test too. I 'm surprised they didn't do that with the M. genitalium test.
Have you ever been bitten by a tick? You have some symptoms of Lymes disease. Just bringing up all the possibilities.
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Strange symptoms,

If you are still on this thread I was wondering how you are feeling and if you have had any progress with diagnosis?

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Anyone still on this thread.

Very similar symptoms after similar encounter

Doctors of no help.
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Since everyone is different why don't you either repost as  a new post or just give me your back ground and symptoms and what you have now. What tests were done etc.
same symptoms here going crazy
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same symptoms here going crazy
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