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Testicle pain

Recently i have very intense recurring pain in my left testicle for usually ( few seconds) followed by slight pain or gas movement in lower abdomen. The pain is intense to be unbearable. I can also see few pimple like bumps on my left testicle . After urination, i feel inflammation.
plz help
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Hi there,
The common conditions causing pain in testicles are epididymitis, hernia, varicocoele, testicular torsion. Pain in lower abdomen along with testicular pain and burning urination could possibly be due to urinary tract infection, cystitis, kidney stones etc.It is best to get evaluated. A clinical examination will help. Tests like urine examination, ultrasound of the urinary system; scrotum may be needed depending on the clinical findings. I hope it helps. Do write to me again with more queries.
Take care and regards!
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