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Unknown disease affecting my life


I tested negative for chlamediya, syphilis, herpes 1&2, gonorihea, hiv 1&2 (4th gen), hep a(igm), hep b, hep c last month. My possible exposure either must have been an Year ago or 3 years ago.

I have been having symptoms for the last 8 months gradual onset of my feet sole burning sensation, knee joint weakness, calf muscle spasm during sleep, night sweets, diarrhea, face skin lesions, blurred eye vision, urinary problem, nerve twitching all over my body especially frequent in my eyelid.

My wife also experience muscle twitching in the eyelid and in arms.

I visited PCP, Neuralogist, infectious disease doctor and neurologist tested additional blood test and EMG everything came back normal with a diagnose of sensory idiopathic neuropathy based on my symptoms. PCP did an extensive blood chemistry everything in range including WBC, RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit, abs Lymphosytes, abs monocytes, lymphocytes, monocytes.

Additionally, ANA, ALT, ACE, DNA AB igG, c3,c4, dsDNA AB, LYME AB, SED, RF, TSH, ESR every test came back normal.

My symptoms is getting worse everyday and PCP gave me gabapentin and it's still hurting me badly that I couldn't focus on anything else and in the verge of losing my job.

My life has been miserable with this disease, can you help me what I should test further? Both my PCP and infectious disease doctor say I have nothing and everything is coming off of my mind. Please help!

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I am not diabetic either. My lipid also in range as I am taking pravastatin to keep it under control.
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Hi and sorry you are in this condition.  What do your face skin lesions look like? Have you been tested for diabetes? What country are you from? Sometimes the lyme test can be negative so it would be good to see a LLMD or Lyme specialist. Were you swimming or exposed to fresh water like lake or stream water?
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Face lesions appeared in cheek with pale skin color and it stayed for 2 weeks and then disappeared. Again another lesion appeared near the end of my left eyebrow later disappeared after 2 weeks.

I saw dermatologist and she says it's dry skin and asked me to apply moisturizer.

I am also getting acne type raised bumps on my face.

Can you suggest me any additional tests here in US?

I wonder if the facial stuff is rosacia. They can do a test for that. It is sort of like putting scotch tape on the area and
Pulling it off then they read what the cells look like under the micro scope. Usually,  they can tell by looking at it though. It could also be an allergy to something new you have been exposed to.
Nerve twitching and eye twitching can just be due to anxiety due to worrying about your problems.
Do you have a high fever? Any cough?  You cou get retested for syphilis wit an FTA antibody test since the RPR AND
can be 20 % false negative.
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Also , iam  not diabetic and didn't get exposed to any water activity.
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i suggest a cfs diagnosis
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Well I may have a theory of what is going on with you. First informos did you previously taken an antibiotic? If so what kind? Or why you took it?.the symptoms you describe seem the side effects of a certain group of antibiotics. Please answer my question for further details
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