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Welts caused by bacterial infection?

So I've been having welts since May.  In April I was in the hospital with a massive bacterial infection that caused bronchitis and pneumonia.  Got out, started getting welts.  I attributed them to allergies.  I have a lifelong history of allergies.  I was almost the bubble girl when I was little.  I was allergic to everything I ate touched or wore.  After many years of testing and treatment I am down to a manageable few allergies that I know of: oranges, maple trees, grass, carbonated beverages, vicodin.  

Last Tuesday went into the e.d.  Had a foot long by six inch wide welt on my side.  They gave me some prednisone and sent me on my way, saying if I developed more welts to see my doctor.  Got new welts.  Went to see my doctor this tuesday.  They took some bloodwork.  Showed I had an elevated white blood cell count and that my esinophils (sp.?) were in proper range, so it wasn't allergies she didn't think.  Started on Keflex last night.

Now I have new welts on my hands and my side.  Should I go see the doctor again?  Is this keflex going to take care of the welts?  Is this normal for a bacterial infection?  What kind of questions should I be asking?

Can't stop sweating and I'm so pooped.  And I also have this just general itchy feeling.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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