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What are strategies to avoid getting sick this winter?

It's here.  My son's soccer team had four kids out last week due to 'it' (you know, sore throat, congestion, cough).  Since viruses are the starting point to more serious things like the "itis's . . . sinusitis, bronchitis, well . . . and pneumonia . . . avoiding colds and viruses is really prudent. I have my 'ways.  Let's share to see if we can come up with a good list!
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Sure special mom. Well there tons of things you can do to increase your chances of not getting sick. For that you'll need to power up your immune system. I recommend you guys to eat natural foods that have hight vitimin C and D as well as protien. So eat fruits and veggies often and drink green tea.  As well as plenty of rest.
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Most of the viruses are non-flu viruses. Hand washing avoiding sick people (people sneezing, coughing etc.) Don"t share glasses, or other personal items, keep immunity up. During flu and cold season, I wipe the handles, door knobs etc. After coming home I wash my hands thoroughly.  All these things help. If someone in the house has flu separate them for about one to two weeks. It's tough but if one can do it it works. I don't eat out during flu season or get in crowds. Zinc lozenges help fight rhinovirus too.
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