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What symptoms did you experience from toxoplasmosis?

Most people infected with Toxoplasma are asymptomatic. Those who develop symptoms usually have cervical lymph node swelling and flu-like symptoms that resolve in a few weeks or months without treatment. The organism remains in the body in a latent state and may reactivate if the person becomes immunocompromised. For example, patients with AIDS can develop lesions in the brain due to Toxoplasma reactivation. Chemotherapy patients can develop eye, heart (myocarditis), lung or brain involvement when parasites become reactivated. Congenital Toxoplasma infections can cause serious eye, ear, and brain damage at birth. However, congenital infections may be asymptomatic until the first few years of life or even until the second or third decade when eye (decreased vision or blindness), ear (hearing loss), or brain damage symptoms (encephalitis, seizures, mental-status changes) develop. Toxoplasmosis is the leading cause of chorioretinitis (inflammation of the retina and choroid of the eye) in the United States.
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My first toxoplasmosis symptom was a bizarre feeling of scared confusion coming over me, and within 6 hours my cervical lymph nodes had exploded and I had a severe sore throat (pain level 10). The pain radiated from inside my esophagus and it became so swollen my breathing was restricted and I couldn't talk. I had severe lethargy and was bedridden for 10 days. On the third day I developed a rattle and gurgling noise from my lungs or chest when breathing. Toxoplasmosis was diagnosed by blood test after a 3rd doctor's visit.
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