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Yeast overgrowth?

I am writing to you wondering if I have yeast overgrowth. I am a 23 year old male living in Jefferson, OH and I believe that I got this from sleeping in a moldy basement for about a year. It all started after I slept in the basement for about a year and I ate a high carb diet that included a lot of oatmeal, chips, cookies, noodles, bread, etc. One night while I was asleep I was awoken to a very bad feeling in my body. It felt very strange and that I was "high" on medication. I'm not sure how to explain it, but the feeling was terrible. After that night my stools began to get worse as days passed. Eventually I couldn't go without stool softeners and it takes up to 3 days.

I called my doctor and made an appointment, but he just gave me miralax (for my constipation) and sent me back home. Eventually I got food allergies very bad. I couldn't eat eggs, meat, prunes, corn, dairy, grains, and I get very strange feelings when I eat any of them and also severe bloating and horrible constipation. I decided to go back to the doctors and they told me to see Gastrologist. They told me to do an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and they found nothing wrong with me. After that I was still having problems and a few new ones happened. My stomach makes a loud sloshing sound like water is inside, especially when I eat wheat, I have terrible brain fog and memory loss and the constipation turned worse. I went back to the doctors and they checked my thyroid, cholesterol, urine, and did blood tests, but all came back fine. At that point I went and seen an allergy doctor to see if it was a food I was eating. A few foods showed medium allergy results, but nothing severe. I stopped eating those foods and the constipation got worse and so did my mental health.

I am now going to see an Infectious disease specialist hoping they can help find what is wrong. I still have a bunch of food allergies and severe constipation. The only thing that helps is stool softeners, but that seems to be slowly not working. Is there any way I can stop this?

Thank you,

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I forgot to mention that I have white on my tongue and my eyes get very bloodshot and burn all the time.
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Hi, we are not doctors on here but I am a clinical microbiologist and I can say you can't get a yeast infection just from eating starches in and of themselves. But being in the basement can possibly give you a respiratory or other type of fungus or other infection. So I would pursue that, as you are thinking of doing, with the infectious disease doctor. I think you haven't found the source of your stomach/intestinal problems. It may be related to food or having a problem like Crohn's disease, irritable bowel or some other intestinal problem. But perhaps the colonoscopy and endoscopy ruled those things out. So perhaps you can do an elimination of one food at a time and add them back in and see what triggers some of the problems. Since you have symptoms of Lyme you might want to get tested for those things too. Lyme can cause memory issues, brain fog etc. too. So you may want to get tested for that just in case. But if you get a fungus some can affect the brain. So maybe getting an MRI of the brain to see if there is anything wrong. They would be able to see a fungus ball or any other abnormality there too. Just some ideas. Please refer to this post instead of the other string with many people on it. It will be easier to see your post.
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I suggest asking someone about mold exposure.. it's a lot more serious than many think..   https://moldblogger.com/10-health-risks-of-toxic-mold/    https://moldblogger.com/symptoms-of-household-mold-exposure/    And this last one.. sounds rather spot on..  http://www.jillcarnahan.com/2015/02/08/toxic-mold-exposure-cause-symptoms/  I wish you the best of luck. Get well soon.. and your best bet is to distance yourself from anything porous from the time you resided (I'm PRAYING you don't sleep in that basement any more..) in that basement. You don't have to come into direct contact for mold to effect you.. or even.. permanently do damage.
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Hi well a high carb diet is actually healthy for you provided you are not eating junk food like chips and other deep fried foods also cream and butter. I am vegan so I eat carbs as my protein source and beans, etc plus veggies and nuts, almond milk. So, it hasn't caused yeast or any other problem. The vast majority of data shows that carbs and a vegetarian diet is very healthy and you can live longer from it. It also has the advantage of correcting many bowel problems. I eat a very low fat diet (only 40g a day) and almost no sugar I use Stevia instead. That being said I almost never have constipation.  I also don't eat bread. I have whole grain pasta and tortillas though, and whole grain rice. Bread has a very high calorie density so I can keep my calories down and pack more food in by staying away from bread. I think it is diet and allergy that you may a problem with. If you had a problem from the basement you would have had different symptoms by now such as pneumonia like symptoms or a nasal problem, headaches etc. It doesn't sound like you have that. I think you can do a elimination diet where you eliminate one thing or a lot of things that bother you and add them back one by one to see which is causing your problems. Seeing the allergist may help too and changing your diet.
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