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c-section mrsa safe help

On january 28th my soon to be gave birth to our 8lbs 14 oz baby boy who for the past 9 months we have referred to as "BOBS", Two weeks prior to baby zac being born the ob told us that they where going to do a c-section. Michelle had her first baby that way so hospital policy ok at that time we reminded the ob about the mrsathat we both aquired the year prior at this same hospital visiting my mother who had just had a stroke. The ob did a swab on her noise which came back positive, He filled a scrip and sent us home telling us not to worry. We new better we have had run ins with mrsa before. Well the day of the 28th bobs is done wants out, we runs to the hospital sure enough bobs was born but her ob wasn't around his assosiate did the c-section everyone from the 1st day wore masks and gowns extra and gloves there was a few things I didn't like about them, after the c-section they never gave Michelle any antibotics through her IV lastnight she tells me thatthere is green stuff coming out of her cut. but the cut looks healed we are scared is there a safe place to be treated what should we do?
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