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difference between infants fevers and adults fevers

I have just a general question, I am a mom of 2 medically fragile kids and im always hearing that infants are able to handle much higher temperatures then adults are, I have often wandered why, and have decided to search for the answer, my theory is it has something to do with infants and having the soft spot, easier for heat to escape and if there is any swelling with the high temp the soft spot allows for the pressure to have somwhere to go so to speak. I am just wandering if there is an actual "scientific" or "medical" reason why this infants are able to with stand higher temperatures then older kids and adults!
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Hi, and interesting question. Actually, children's temperature runs a little higher than adult temperature to start with. Not a lot more but slightly more. Also, you might find this interesting that it is the diseases that children get that give them the high fevers. Not that adults don't get high fevers it is just that we have already been exposed to a lot of the things that cause these high fevers. So, it is more about lack of an immune system with children and that the fever is a sign of them fighting off a virus or bacteria etc. Fevers don't actually cause brain damage like everyone thinks. But you can overheat the body by putting them in a hot bath when they have a fever. You don't want to do that. The body has to regulate the body's temperature and it can't do that if one puts too much strain on the body like ice cubes or a hot bath. Very young children are at risk for a lot of serious infections and a fever is a sign that it could be something serious if it is a high fever and it persists. a fever in anyone that lasts a week needs to be looked at.  Also, a fever with seizures.  What doctors are looking for is meningitis, and blood and brain infections etc. Having a fever with a flu is a way to fight it off. Same with a strep throat. The problem with strep throat is not the fever it is that the Strep. bacteria has a toxin that can cause heart problems and so forth if not treated. So that the fever and sore throat are ways the body shows there is a serious infection going. Also, a rash. So, I thought you would like the link below.



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