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dont know - need help

Possible exposure (protected vaginal and oral except brief cunnilingus)  but i was drunk and she was in control of condom (on-hard-off-soft) during last week December to first week January 2010 (by 10th?).  Oral swab test on 1/29/10 in NYC clinic was negative.  Subsequent NYC Elisa testing with my doctor on 2/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 2/16 (Neg on HIV), 3/2 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep), 3/12 (Neg on all STD's, HIV, Hep).  So based on the duration between encounter and last set of negative tests, as well as the response I received from Dr. EWH regarding window period (8 weeks), I am satisfied with the HIV negative result.  I will go back and test at the NYC clinic on 3/29 because it is the suggested followup date for their program and I did commit to it.  My problem is that my skin on my collarbone area, neck and face still has the faint rash (similar to being raised skin from shaving on the neck) and the slight discolored blotch of skin on my cheek.  I do not feel 100 % (or 90%) for that matter either and have experienced enough symptoms (will list if support is here) for concern about something, but what?  Any suggestions on a forum on this board that I can look for support in?  How about here? Thanks
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Can anyone point me in a direction other than the HIV forum or possibly another site?
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