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having typhoid fever ?

Hi Doctor,
Recently my niece 14 years old girl is being diagnosed and doctor said she having typhoid fever & now at the stage of damaging her lung (kindly see below test report).  
Is really typhoid can lead to such situation? I am confuse & would like to seek further advice on this matter.
I am desperately looking for your kind advice.
Thank you and best regards,
Elias Yusuf
Email:  ***@****


Hemoglobin  (Hb%)- 9.2 g/dl 57.5 %
ESR – 110  mm/1st hr
Total WBC count – 17,100 /cumm
Neutrophils  -73%
Lymphocytes -23 %
Eosinophils -03%
Monocytes -01%
Basophils 00%
Total Cir. Eosinophil    /cumm
Platelet Count - 290,000 /cumm
MPV - 10.2fl
PDW  -15%
PCT -0.29%
RBC COUNT : 3.33 m/pl
HCT/PCV -29.0%
MCV - 86.0 fl
MCH -28.0 pg
MCHC- 32.0 g/dl
RDW-CV 14.0 %


Widal Test   >  
TO -1:80
AH -1:80
BH -1:80
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Hi and sorry your daughter is ill. We are not doctors on these forums but I am a microbiologist and can give you some advice and direction. Do you have the normal ranges for your blood test? Does she still have a high fever? Did the doctor give her antibiotics for the infection? I would see an infectious disease doctor for a second opinion. But I have not heard of typhoid causing lung damage except that you can get pneumonia from it if it is not treated within a couple of weeks. This can lead to lung damage. Does she still have diarrhea? I also see she has inflammation and also  white blood cell count is high due to the infection and the hemoglobin is somewhat low. This can be due to anemia..  You should get a second opinion from an infectious disease doctor. You may want to check for iron deficiency and also maybe parasites to find the cause. So for iron deficiency you can get and Iron, ferritin and vitamin B12 and folate done. Ask the new doctor advice on her antibiotics and hopefully see if they can do an antibiotics sensitivity test to make sure the bacteria is sensitive to the antibiotic she is on. Have him check her lungs. The Widal test for Salmonella is low positive but I don't know your labs range is but it is on the very low side from what I can tell. I need the ranges to tell for sure.
Hope this helps,
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