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Hi and just to say I've had these symptoms on and off for around 7 years After unprotected oral sex. Tested for everything. All negative.
Given up.

Does anyone know if anyone has actually died of this hiv-like virus or is it just sysymptom after symptom? Obviously,  when I say hiv-like, im referring to what everyone else is calling it.
As I say, I think I've had it for a number of years but so far, still alive.
please send Me your comments.

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Hi and sorry you have been ill. We are not doctors on these sites but I am a microbiologist. I will try to see if I can help. Since you have been tested for HIV you are negative. What kind of HIV test have you had? Why do you cal it a "HIV Like" virus? So, what are  your symptoms?  Have you had a complete blood count and is it normal? Any fever/night sweats or cough?  Have you had a CD4/CD8 count done?
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Hi there,

Not sure about the cd4/8 count. If one or t'other was low would that suggest anything?

I know this is isn't a waiting room and there aren't doctors here but surely after all the threads I read they can't all be wrong. There's just too many for this to be coincidental.

Are you aware of any posts from people who continue to post years after there first one - meaning...they're still hete to tell the tale. I read a few from the same period and then they disappear...

Are you referring to the HIV like Chinese virus? In China there have been no known deaths from it. It has mainly been in Asians. The symptoms usually resolve after a year or two.
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Well, I was asking because I thought perhaps I could figure out what is going on. But if you don't want to discuss your symptoms. There is one group of people on here but they haven't figured out what they have. I go on there to help them off an on when I see that they have something I think looks like a particular infectious disease. The title of the group is called Unknown Virus.

Some people think they have a HIV like virus from China. I won't comment on that as there isn't enough evidence to support that.

The CD4 count would be low if you had symptomatic HIV. Also, your Lymphocyte count would be low on your complete blood count.

That is why I asked. If you tested negative but were immunocompromised then you could get a PCR based test to check instead of an antibody based test. But the 4th generation tests have both so if you had that done you don't have HIV.

There are other viruses besides HIV out there that can make you feel lousy and also cause a lot of problems. That is why I asked what your symptoms are.

There is also the HIV site if you want to talk about HIV. If you are going to focus your conversation on HIV I will switch you to that site as this is for other topics.

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Hi yes, I understand what you're saying.

My question was however,  'these' people who think they have or had an hiv-like virus...are they still commenting on this site. I saw some posts from a few years ago, and then nothing from these people. So, I was hoping to find out how they were now...

I have had symptoms ranging from tingling in my legs, sore throat,  bones/joints cracking, conjunctivitis,  mild problems with my gums (now) disorientation,  bad depression ( lasts around 2/3days now) a feeling that my nerves are moving...

I have had hiv tests. Cd4 counts etc all normal. The thing is, I have had this now for around 7/8 years. I now get a mild dose of it for around 3/4 days every 6 months or so so, beginning to live with it now as no tests - certainly for sti /std have shown anything up...

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Well, there is the one big group called Unknown Virus. There are a lot of posts on there about having an HIV-like virus. Maybe that is the group you are talking about. You would have go back to about 2/23/15 and you will see it on this site.

As for your symptoms some sound neurological but could be related to a virus. Do all the symptoms some at the same time and cycle around the same time? Do you get any fever with it? They haven't found anything abnormal with your complete blood count or blood sugar?

Joints cracking may not be a big thing. It is called crepitus and can be normal aging or due to osteoarthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis etc.sometimes also a fracture.

What does the tingling in your legs feel like? Have you started any new medications around the time you got this?

Have you been to a neurologist? I think I would give that a try to start with.

Did you have any infection like the flu, "stomach flu" , got a vaccination, had walking pneumonia, or bad diarrhea before this?

Also, it could be related to Epstein Barr virus. But, I'm just throwing out some things at this point.

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Could i ask a quick question.

Do you know or aware of the longest person who has spoken about these symptom?  
And, have the got worse of time?

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