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if it's infection or something else?

I need help I am totally confuse few days ago my vagina was itchy and I was scratching it bad now when I realized that it getting scratchy I cleaned it at once stopped wearing panty that I was wearing since few days now itching is no more but there's white thick stuff inside my vagina I tried cleaning it but it appears it's more inside and then a noticed a blood stain too with it very little one but last week I was on period. I'm not noticing any foul smell and no itching now but I guess that lower part is a bit swell not painful but swell like if there's something inside.help needed!!
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It could be a yeast infection or bacterial vaginosis or BV. You could try and over the counter vaginal yeast treatment. Get like a 3 day one. If you feel fine after that that is good. Better hygiene helps but not always. This can come from multiple sex partners or just sex or if you use a douche stop using them because they change the vaginal normal bacteria which then changes the vaginal pH or acid /base level. Other than the actual antibacterial or anti-fungal treatments you shouldn't put anything in to clean the vagina.

If it doesn't work then see a doctor to get tested for BV.  You could have a resistant type of yeast or a bacterial infection. So then they will do some testing and can give you an antibiotic if you have that.

Let me know how it goes. I can try to advise you along the way.

Okay! Thanks will see for 2days
Yes okay hope it works.
Itching is still there but no more whitish fuild except the vaginal discharge but I do feel palpitations in my vagina and also rapid heartbeat few times a day. (Note: I've a problem of Panic Attacks since 4years but under control and without medication )
Hi, sorry you are still itching. I know that is terrible. Did you try the terbinafine (lamisil)? or just one of the OTC yeast preps? A lot of the yeast are resistant to the ones that have the ingredient with azole at the end like fluconazole. But you could have something else. You should get diagnosed to see if you have a yeast or trichomomanas (if you had unprotected sex with someone you don't know well), or because you use a douce (cleaning agent) which can cause  Bacterial vaginosis (BV). They can tell but the symptoms are pretty much the same for all. So please see a doctor for this. Let me know what they say. If you have resistant yeast they can use something like Ampotericin B but if it is Trichomonas or BV they will use something else.
take care,
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I'm not using anything but ate yogurt and banana but itch is there a little no more whitish substance though.but lot of vaginal fuild
It sounds like it is getting better. You can still get yeast or BV. The yeast is common and if you didn't try the yeast vaginal cream I would try that. But you could have BV. BV is just an imbalance in the normal bacteria in the vagina.
There was no discharge since then but it was little itchy so I used a small amount of yougert in the vagina and over night I saw those whitish substance again.what is that?
Dry whitish substance like I saw last time
You shouldn't be putting anything in the vagina. It will change the pH and cause a bacterial imbalance. So no douches, no soap no yogurt.  You can only wash the very outside.It may be bacterial vaginosis. You should get a doctor to diagnose this.
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